Why Journals are important?

Clear your thoughts

Yes, human mind is complicated, with so many thoughts flooding in every second it makes really difficult to make or choose right decisions or paths. We think something in our mind constantly, stress or worry about it every second but when we pen down those thoughts it becomes clearer to us. Writing down thought or problems is the best way to solve them as first we accept or acknowledge the problems.

Every day journaling not only clear your thoughts but gives an insight of your brain where you can reflect upon. And get a good, stylish journal rather a boring one so you get excited at least to right in it. There are many journals available online these days.

journals available online

Makes you more organized

Believe it or not writing things did today and what you plan on doing tomorrow is the key of being productive. There is no feeling like checking or slashing all those tasks. Keeping track of your work, planning future tasks a day prior and planning monthly schedule is all a part of increasing productivity.

There are specialized journals for that these days available online. Daily planner or weekly or monthly, one can buy them according to his or her need.

Enhances Creativity

Scribble away they say at the age of 1-5 for children to grow or enhance their mind. The same goes for adults. Specially artists, the more and more you open up yourself to express your thoughts through drawing, the more and more you grow as an artist. Art doesn’t have to be on perfect canvas with perfect materials every time. Inspiration can come any time anywhere.

There are a wide variety of plain page journals online, pick up your pen or pencil and draw away.

Helps in Self- Improvement

So many times in our life we tend to express our emotions wrongly or inappropriate. Repeat same mistake again and again and realize it later. Say hurtful things to the people we love. And always wonder why?  The best way to get to know why is write about the things you have said or done. Until we see the scenario as a third party we don’t understand what went wrong. Journaling helps us achieve that, reflect on our doings and in future thus we remember what makes us trigger.

Daily journaling for self-improvement is suggest by almost all the therapists as well. And since we are so open and grown about mental illness these days there are many journals again available with the best stationery shop online in India for the same.

Improves language

Needless to say, writing about stuff, about feelings or work make your mind thinks about words to express. While speaking many a times we flounder to get the right words and usually say what comes to mind at first but while writing the ball game is different. You think, you can think as long as you want to express what’s in mind. Many a times we feel the need to google and get synonyms for the words, this indirectly helps us improve our language.

best journals online


Journaling is a way of connecting to oneself. Getting to know our personality better, enhancing our skills, making us think about our decisions, questing our morals, and so much more. We can consider it as self-therapeutic. Journal is your best friend as it reminds of you yourself in this world. 

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