What to buy between Journals, Diaries and Folders?

With so many options of Journals, Folders and Diaries online one gets confused what to buy between them. They almost serve the same purpose, for those who are not much of a stationery hoarder or those who don’t like to carry 10 different things for different purposes, we have tried to make it easier for you here. In this blog we have tried to help by bifurcating the use of all these respectively according to needs and personality of work. The booming business of online stationery clearly shows that people are going towards buying these items more and more specially when there are tons of variety available online stationery in India.


buy journals online

They are basically for people who writ daily for personal care, for whom its more of a habit than need. Since journaling can be really helpful for reducing stress and anxiety people whose sole purpose is to write or draw or doodle for self-care, we recommend journals to them.

Journals are different from diaries, seem same in looks and size but serve different purpose. There is no harm in keeping both- one for professional and one for personal care. They are also compact and easy to carry, aimed to make light so that people can take it with them for travel as well

For people who don’t only write but love creating or collecting memories should buy these, there are very different kinds of journals online, for bulletin for travel for motivation for crafting.


best notepad stationery

Well folders are best stationery equipment for conferences and meetings. Specially the different types of accessories it comes with to keep pen, notepad, loose papers all in one place. The notepad pages can be easily teared off after the meetings as compared to diaries.

For keeping loose important documents or bills folders are a must. According to one need they can buy either the punch hole clips one or transparent pockets ones. There are a lot more variety available now of stationery online in India.

For stationery lovers in office or home, you can keep all your accessories in one folder, zip it and good to go. From highlighters to pencils, eraser to mobile they can be your one stop solution to keep everything organized and helps not to lose them quickly.


buy pocket diaries online

1.They are compact and easy to carry anywhere. Holds easily into hands, lightweight and can be kept easily in laptop bags or hand bags.

2.One can buy pocket diaries also for just jotting important points, especially apt if you are more of a traveler kind of a working person.

3. Comes with limited pages so can change in every one or two months and get new designs, for those people who want newness into their stationery.

4. The variations come in ruled or plain or dotted pages. For all those artists or doodlers or sketchers we recommend buying diaries and let your creativity loose.

All these points might help you to differentiate between journals, diaries and folders.

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