Unique Stationery Gifts for the Artist in Him

We all know how freak the artists are for their tools and accessories. We as outsiders can never guess the right gift, sometimes the tool is wrong, sometimes its size or color. For all those picky and creative people in your life especially men, we have curated a perfect set that would suit all artist and would be utilized for sure. We are talking about our Gypso collection which can be easily bought from our website which is made to buy stationery online. Let us share with you why it’s a good match for them?


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The color of the diary is gender neutral and is in season color –which is concrete gray. We all know how fussy these creative people are specially regarding to color, so you really can’t go wrong with the concrete grey that has been a super hit. Also the Matt-finishing of the diary makes it more stylish and unique from the rest out there.


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Paint, sketch, scribble or draw we know the quality they require and hence the gsm of this paper is 120- which you get in sketch books and high quality drawing books. So there we said it, you really can’t go wrong because of the supreme quality of paper which these creative people really look forward to in purchasing any accessory or notebook online.


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Don’t’ worry this is not a Germany brand that would put a hole in your pocket, the cost if the diary in comparison to the quality and design is really pocket friendly. Also it can be customized with their name printed on the cover with no additional cost. Isn’t it great to own a personalized diary to let all the creativity out?

Stationery kit

best stationery gift for him

Thinking you just can’t gift a single diary? Well we have got you covered here as well with a specially curated & color-coordinated stationery set box. This box contains the diary which can be personalized, grey paper clips to hold their paper backs and white pushpins to pin their work easily on the board. Not just that the high quality wooden box with sheer top can be used as storage later for their knick-knacks stationery items. Isn’t this collection the best stationery gift for him? Don’t wait, order it online and can choose our vintage packaging with wax seal for making it more personalized and special. Available PAN INDIA.

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