Unique & Romantic Gifts for Seven Days of Valentine for Women

Yes, we all know how hard it is to woo her over. But it’s satisfying at the same time to see happiness on her face. We have got you covered this valentine. Very unique gifts from journals, diaries and folders to how chocolates can be personalized.

Rose Day

There is nothing romantic than a dry rose saved and preserved in a notebook or diary. Everyone gifts fresh roses but gifting a dry rose can be so thoughtful. The ancient Feng Shui masters had a very beautiful saying — “Trust what your heart is thinking”. When placed on an altar, for example, a dried flower becomes your very own Feng Shui symbol of something very dear to you, thus it will keep holding good energy as long as you take good care of it.

Putting it in a flower printed vintage Journals and notebooks can make it more significant

journals and notebooks online

Propose Day

No writing a letter to your girl or women is not outdated or cheesy. Feelings of what you can propose to her for rest of your life it can be as easy as gifting her stationery all her life or being her best friend.

A pretty handmade paper with good printed or plain envelope and ribbon or flower to close it.

stationery kit online

Chocolate Day

Personalized chocolate. Hell yes to our own names of personalized chocolates. Of course chocolate day would mean something chocolaty, but getting cake or brownie or even handmade chocolates doesn’t make it special.

personalized chocolates

Teddy Day

Well this day can get really tricky once you kind of grow old. Yes, girl’s like’s teddy but up to a certain age. An easy special fix for this is floral teddy. Any nearby floral store can make you one these days.

floral teddy gifts online

Promise Day

A perfect romantic and pretty journal or diary with quote written of here’s to the new beginnings. Here is to our blank pages of life and let’s write them together. Always remember to write messages for each gifts, the feeling the thought behind it matters more than anything else.

Hug Day

A cozy comforter to watch the TV. Women in general feel colder than men, why not make her comfortable by giving a very soft comforter for her which can be used while reading a book, watching TV or just a sip of morning Tea or writing her personal diary.

Again small gestures are what get noticed. And yes it will be used in summers as well.

hug day online

Kiss Day

Well the thing that irritates you the most, yes get her bright color lipstick. Gift to her and write a message along saying how much her this habit annoys you but you would want her to still continue doing it. We bet the cheeks would go pink in any minute.


Women or girls don’t expect out of the world things or very expensive ones. It’s the smaller details, your notice that makes them happy the most. Either it’s as basic as diary or journal, it’s the thought behind that gift.

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