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Online stationery in India has grown over these last 5 Years, from small push pins to big stationery kits. All is available a click away, from patterns to unicorn, name it the stationery is available. But in this blog we are going to share 4 trending available stationery online in India.

Clip Boards

clip boards online

This wooden clipboard stands have made it first in our list because of its multi-purpose nature. Perfectly described as the Mood- Board stand, anything can be clipped here from quotes to drawings, sketches to to-do lists. Can be super useful in office desks or home desks, this compact A5 clipboard stand is a must buy office stationery available online India.

To-do Lists

notepads online

Yes in this so much to do world now, we need a daily checklists or note pads. The plain ones have been coming since 80’s but now is the time for little quirky and printed ones. Easy to tear and carry. Just write down the points and throw them the next day or pin it on your board. From ration lists to meetings schedule – best utility stationery item for house and work both. Get hands on them as a part of stationery kits, which is even more useful.

Gratitude Cards

personalized office gifts

Yes, gratitude cards we call them. Gifting someone or sending maybe flowers, get your own gratitude cards to convey the message. A very simple but very effective way for personalized gifting. In the end it’s always the little extra touch that changes the whole ball game.

Best buy it with stationery kits to get a combo of all things essentials.

Washi Tapes

stationery online

Now these colorful patterns or glitter tapes who wouldn’t want to use?  They are big on eyes for everyone in India these days, easy to remove and tear. Actually better than normal cello ones. Quirky and pretty as well when packing gifts or hampers.

A must have product in stationery for 2020.

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