Wiro Notebooks Trends started by Writenery Online India

Wiro with Elastic Notebooks:

Usually we get wiro notebooks and elastic notebooks separate, but we have combined the utility of both these into one and created a notebook with the two. A handy travel companion, the notebook’s hard cover protects the pages inside and wiro doubles as a convenient writing surface, making it easy to write in the notebook from just about anywhere. An attached elastic band stretches around the Writenery notebook, from top to bottom, keeping the notebook securely closed when not in use or during transport in a backpack or bag. The elastic closure slides off and out of the way when it’s time to use the notebook.

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Metallic Spirals:

Oh yes, adding a little drama to the whole look of notebooks is metallic spirals. Silver, gold, dull gold or rose gold spiral or wiro notebooks have a charm and look of chic and fancy notebook than a normal boring one. Not to forget the sturdiness also, its way more durable than the plastic ones. Get your hands on all these metallic wiro notebooks and make your stationery collection super fancy and stylish.

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Sections Notebook:

Creating sections within notebooks is such an easier way to bifurcate your work. It’s for those people who have different subjects or work categories. Why carry 3 notebooks separately in our online stationery kits when in one you can easily distinguish the notes by the sections provided and write conveniently in the notebook.

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Printed page inside the notebook than outside:

Adding a little oomph to the notebook, the inside pages have more textures or prints than the outside one. It adds a little bit of extra design element to the notebook, making it look more chic and unique than other available notebooks. Apart from just adding prints, we have also incorporated textured paper so when you feel it, it gives a touch of wood since the Nature notebook is inspired by greens and woods. Similarly, the bougainvillea notebook will give abrasive feel of the pattern on it and peony notebook will give smooth flowery finish feel. All the notebook’s paper textures have been made keeping in mind of their designs and essence. Which is rarely available in any other brand of notebooks.

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Writenery doesn’t only offer the products but offers a story, a background, a essence of notebook. The color, texture, pattern, pages all comes from a lot of brain storming and visualizing in advance. There is a story behind every design and hence its executed. All these factors tend to make it a brand which is setting goals and becoming a trend setter in the stationery store online in India.

Trending Stationery Online India

Online stationery in India has grown over these last 5 Years, from small push pins to big stationery kits. All is available a click away, from patterns to unicorn, name it the stationery is available. But in this blog we are going to share 4 trending available stationery online in India.

Clip Boards

clip boards online

This wooden clipboard stands have made it first in our list because of its multi-purpose nature. Perfectly described as the Mood- Board stand, anything can be clipped here from quotes to drawings, sketches to to-do lists. Can be super useful in office desks or home desks, this compact A5 clipboard stand is a must buy office stationery available online India.

To-do Lists

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Yes in this so much to do world now, we need a daily checklists or note pads. The plain ones have been coming since 80’s but now is the time for little quirky and printed ones. Easy to tear and carry. Just write down the points and throw them the next day or pin it on your board. From ration lists to meetings schedule – best utility stationery item for house and work both. Get hands on them as a part of stationery kits, which is even more useful.

Gratitude Cards

personalized office gifts

Yes, gratitude cards we call them. Gifting someone or sending maybe flowers, get your own gratitude cards to convey the message. A very simple but very effective way for personalized gifting. In the end it’s always the little extra touch that changes the whole ball game.

Best buy it with stationery kits to get a combo of all things essentials.

Washi Tapes

stationery online

Now these colorful patterns or glitter tapes who wouldn’t want to use?  They are big on eyes for everyone in India these days, easy to remove and tear. Actually better than normal cello ones. Quirky and pretty as well when packing gifts or hampers.

A must have product in stationery for 2020.

Small Space Desk Styling – For Entrepreneurs with Motivational Stationery & Desk Essentials

We know how stressful starting your work can be. With limited resources and time there is so much to achieve. So the space where a start-up is motivated and positive enough is should be a basic.

In this blog we are going to achieve a perfect positive vibe look with best combination of desk office accessories we found online, to setup a happy desk for happy you!

Let’s start with color pallet.

We are taking rustic look with lots of green shades in mind.

The inspiration is earthy warm colors which gives a sense of soothing, positive and calm vibe, which is best for the ever growing anxiety within.

You can have an idea from this image now of layout and overall look and feel. A few office essentials like planners, stationery, lamps, desk essentials, etc.


  1. The super smart jute & filament bulb for table lamp by Tata Cliq
  • Smart little irregular shaped wooden table planter by Objectry
  • Yes, bring everyday motivation with nature collection of notebooks/diary/stationery kits by Writenery. This collections rustic and wooden inspired look is apt for this color palette.
  • Morning sunshine in a mug with wooden handle & base to add that rustic look by HouseofThings.
  • Lastly to complete the look a very rustic yet modern table with all things essentials space by Urban Ladder.

All these things curated and grouped together create a very small, cosy and maximum utility place for everyday work struggles. The best part of them all the accessories are available online.


  1. Let’s start with the cute little push pins available online at Writenery stationery store. This online stationery store as everyday essential work accessories
  •  Some really cute lighted clips to put motivational quotes or pictures of achievements by POPXO.
  • Well and to put them all together a rustic planks printed bulletin board which is equally stylish and useful by Artzfolio.

So that’s how we design a small space with all things stylish, motivational and pocket-friendly for rising startup owner’s or creators.

Do let us know how did you like the look and which look!

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