Nude Table Styling with Designer Stationery

A chic minimal nude work table . This blog is about how we can create a nude look for everyday work table essentials, let’s see how can we create this monotone look.

Here we are just going to play with one color shades to give a very chic, basic & simple overall look.


  • Normal clutter for all stationery essential
  • A classic watch and little motivational green planter for happy vibes.

Left side:

  1. Cute little hanging planter with nude leather belt.
  2. The very cool & basic nude coffee/tea mug
  3. A new transparent chic look water glass, which ads gloss to the matte.
  4. Finally, a daily nude leatherite diary by Writenery to complete the basic essential look.

Right Side:

  1. A classy analog nude clock that serves both the look and utility purpose
  2. The all nude ceramic table planter to add that freshness
  3. Golden metallic pen by Writenery from there nude stationery kit collection to add little shimmer to the matte.
  4. Lastly Nude Notepad folder by Writenery for everyday meetings and notes.


                 We aim at creating some really stylish work spaces for you for work. Do try this at your work space and let us know how it has come up.

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