Desk Styling – Simple look with Modern Stationery & Desk Essentials

In this blog we are going to achieve a simple & sophisticated look with best combination of accessories we have found. The whole idea is to get a neutral and timeless look.

Let’s start with color pallet.

The neutral grey tones, marble prints & simple touch of wood as base.

You can have an idea from this image now of layout and overall look and feel of your place. This space is keeping in mind of a person who likes things simple yet stylish at the same time.

Left side:

  1. Wall clocks are always timeless, adding an old place charm to the place, in this case we have modernized it with marble print wall clock.
  2.  Greens are a must for every work space, for freshness, for beauty, for oxygen. Not to forget the feeling one gets after watering them. Here again the planter is modernized and yet kept simple with marble print look.
  • The coffee addiction has caused a new addiction of buying mugs. Mug is something which can never be replaced in market, all these new and stylish designs make sure of it. A simple grey charcoal mug is a perfect accessory to the whole look here.
  • Hide some clutter in these grey charcoal inspired storage drawers.
  • All the work needs a daily notebook to make notes, plan next day and achieve the future dream. The sophisticated and timeless bougainvillea wiro notebook is apt for the same.


  1. The more the greens the merrier you be. No harm in adding one more indoor planter.
  2. Keep those books from falling in the simple grey metallic book holders. They just make the area look systematic.
  • Well no desk is complete without a writing notebook, adding timeless simple look, bougainvillea journal for the meetings.
  • No one can have too much stationery, its lovely to be synchronized with the surroundings and the notebooks. It all falls to the same family. Bougainvillea stationery kit with all things essential is a perfect add to this simple look.

Conclusion:  Styling a desk space with simple elements, colors and accessories. Creating a timeless forever look that makes one feels welcomed and motivated to work.

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