Small Space Desk Styling – For Entrepreneurs with Motivational Stationery & Desk Essentials

We know how stressful starting your work can be. With limited resources and time there is so much to achieve. So the space where a start-up is motivated and positive enough is should be a basic.

In this blog we are going to achieve a perfect positive vibe look with best combination of desk office accessories we found online, to setup a happy desk for happy you!

Let’s start with color pallet.

We are taking rustic look with lots of green shades in mind.

The inspiration is earthy warm colors which gives a sense of soothing, positive and calm vibe, which is best for the ever growing anxiety within.

You can have an idea from this image now of layout and overall look and feel. A few office essentials like planners, stationery, lamps, desk essentials, etc.


  1. The super smart jute & filament bulb for table lamp by Tata Cliq
  • Smart little irregular shaped wooden table planter by Objectry
  • Yes, bring everyday motivation with nature collection of notebooks/diary/stationery kits by Writenery. This collections rustic and wooden inspired look is apt for this color palette.
  • Morning sunshine in a mug with wooden handle & base to add that rustic look by HouseofThings.
  • Lastly to complete the look a very rustic yet modern table with all things essentials space by Urban Ladder.

All these things curated and grouped together create a very small, cosy and maximum utility place for everyday work struggles. The best part of them all the accessories are available online.


  1. Let’s start with the cute little push pins available online at Writenery stationery store. This online stationery store as everyday essential work accessories
  •  Some really cute lighted clips to put motivational quotes or pictures of achievements by POPXO.
  • Well and to put them all together a rustic planks printed bulletin board which is equally stylish and useful by Artzfolio.

So that’s how we design a small space with all things stylish, motivational and pocket-friendly for rising startup owner’s or creators.

Do let us know how did you like the look and which look!

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