Charcoal Table Styling with Classic Office Essentials

A chic minimal Work Table This blog is about how we can create a minimal classic look for everyday work table essentials, it involves details about office stationery, working tools and lights and all things needed to complete the look.  

Let’s start by the overall look for the space.

  • Walls kept simple and minimal – storage wall racks and a little bit of motivation.
  • Normal clutter for all stationery essential
  • A classic watch and little motivational green planter for happy vibes.


  1. Metallic storage racks by shien, give a little chic factor because of their geometry and no bulky look
  2. The very cool black and white good vibes frame for every day motivation by Gojeeva on Flipkart.


  1. A classy analog charcoal clock that serves both the look and utility purpose by Modern Quests.
  2. The classic stationery kit of super modern online stationery brand Writenery. A perfect daily essential office kit with paper clips, to-do lists, gratitude cards, pen and paper binders.
  3. A metallic simple yet glossy study lamp for those late night hours by Jainsons Emporio.
  4. Adding some positivity with cemented planter by Pure Home Living.
  5. And a very useful and handy mouse pad cum storage keeper matte grey mat by Tizum on Amazon India


  1. Well there are various chairs that are available in the market, but to complete the whole chic look and at the same time provides comfort, we thought the best option was this gorgeous cushioned high stool by Pepperfry.


                 We aim at creating some really stylish work spaces for you to work and feel happy when the stressed. A happy place makes a person happy. This minimal charcoal and black inspired look can be achieved and curated for anyone who struggling to revamp their desk.

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