Shloka Gifting Stationery Kit


Gift Tags: Nude/32/200gsm/Handmade paper/ Punched hole golden/paper

Money envelopes: Jute /8/200 gsm/Fabric/matte finish

Message cards: Nude/8/200gsm/fHandmade paper/matte finish

Message envelopes: Jute/8/150 gsm/matte finish /fabric

Wax seal buds: golden/shimmer/18 Threads: brown/jute material/1 roll

Box: Transparent/ 30mm/5 sections



Shloka gifting stationery kit made of jute fabric and paper with sholka prints. A perfect product for your festive  or ceremonial gifting needs, from products ranging to gifts tags, wax seal buds and envelopes.


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