Stationery Gift Sets for Him

Father’s Day is just round the corner we can’t think of any other appropriate time to write this blog and help you out choosing the best stationery gifts for him according to his personality. If you are wondering why one should buy stationery for fathers well the answer is quite simple, it’s very useful, affordable, unique gift which he will actually love to use daily or weekly. We would say this store might be the best stationery online you would find for your father.

Forgetful Dad

stationery gifts for him

Oh we all know how easily dad forget things to do, whether it house chore or their keys or their glasses, this personality trait we will certainly find in most our dads. For these dads we recommend our Nature stationery kit with Mood board clipboard. It has daily to-do lists and a pen for him to keep reminding the tasks and clip them on to the clipboards for days to come. 

Creative Dad

dairy stationery kit online

These are the ones who have clumsy mind since they are creative. Creative people often find their inspirations anywhere and everywhere, for them one should get Gypso plain pages c which is compatible in size and have good quality gsm plain pages for him to scribble and re-draw his art.

Workaholic Dad

Daily Planner Stationery Kit

Always working and planning, this kind of dad needs a lot of organizing tools with him. Hence we suggest our Mapple Daily and Monthly Planner stationery kit online. It has planner for him to be organized and sot out his main work tasks, paper clips to organize all those loose papers and thumb pins to put them on that board of his.

Philosophical Dad

Online Journals Stationery Set

These have a lot in their mind and they are not afraid to put their point across. After reading gazillions of books we are pretty sure they almost know about everything in life. For them we recommend our Nude Latherite Journal Stationery set. Gifting them a journal to write their thoughts into is something they should start if not already doing, it’s a perfect hobby for those you love to say a lot because then they can write about it a lot.

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