The compact A5 size is apt for notebooks, journals or planners. It’s extremely convenient to use, carry around in hands and easy to put in bags. Going for meetings is much easier when you have things which are easy to carry and are light weight.


If you are someone who loves to use pen and paper for everything everyday. This size is something do go for, they are not only compact in size but are light weight also. A thinner size t0 put into bags, a lighter weight to carry around in hand and use for meetings or generally.


If you are a self care person and journaling is your healing hobby. The compact A5 size journals are suitable to carry with you whenever you are travelling. Routines you practise on daily basis should also be available for you while you travel.

Planners :

Heavy bulky planners are a big task to be honest. Those wiro bounds and thickness is very difficult to carry at office or when you travel. So planning only at home is sort of a restriction, dont you think?

Therefore for planning and setting up goals as well this size comes super handy. The hardbounds makes it super easy to hold.

Why you should buy A5 size:

If you are someone who travels a lot for meetings, or leisure and love to have a pen and paper by your side. This size is perfect for you. Also the hardbound makes it easy to work on, wiro get a little difficult after a certain point.