Personalize Classic Stationery for Him

Yes, email and text isn’t enough, we need stationery for communicating with Style. And what else is better than getting a personalized set for them. Our classic stationery serves the stationery needs for all age group of men. And the best part is it can be personalized. The classic black, grey and white look is old-school, has minimalist look and is perfect for sophisticated snark. Moreover, it gives a very sharp look and ads to your personality. In short words it will be an accessory which you would love to show off weather it’s in your hands, for meetings or just keeping it on desk. It adds an oomph factor with of course the utility. Let’s get in to the type of products we have in our classic stationery for him collection:

Classic Personalized A5 Diary:

A man always needs his diary. No gadget can replace the power a pen and paper has. Weather its seems that the age of diaries is gone, well let us tell you that it has just started specially in online stationery of India. The trend is moving towards more and more purchase of buying stationery online.

The simple and sophisticated look of our classic diary is a perfect use for him. The diary comes with textured paper matte finish at the top and simple graphics look from the inside consists of 240 ruled pages of 80 gsm high quality natural shade. The size is very easy to carry or keep in a bag. The main thing is the personalized acrylic metallic name cutting that in two colors- silver and gold to complete the look.

Classic Personalized A5 Notepad Folder:

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This is one of a kind A5 size folder we had come up because it’s very difficult to carry and keep these oversize and bulky folders. This is one of our original folders design, as there are none small folders in the Indian stationery market. This too as the diary is made of textured paper but has more durable board inside. It comes with pen pocket, loose pages’ pocket and same design detachable notepad folder. The folder has 60 tear-off ruled pages in 80 gsm quality with natural shade. Again can be personalized either with names or titles or company logos.

Classic Stationery Kit:

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It’s a perfect stationery gifts for him. Comes in a super chic transparent box this kit is the best buy for a stationery lover. The kit contains super useful black and white combination of accessories which are a rare find in Indian stationery market. The kit contains black matte paper clips, black matte paper binders, black matte pen, printed gratitude cards to write on and paste or tie with any gifts or cards and daily to-do lists which is super helpful in remaining organized. A combination of all things useful with style.


Writenery’s Classic collection is build keeping in mind the simplicity yet style men want in their life. It ignites excitement even in whom who are not into stationery. Its unique and chic look with a touch of personalization, makes it a perfect gift considering its universal design. One can buy the collection together or use individually.

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