One Must Have Office Stationery Item to Add in your Collection

Office stationery items when bought with thought can change your work module like a magic wand. This blog suggests what office stationery one should always keep to make work life simpler and organized. Rather than investing in 10 different types of things again and again, just invest in one which solves the problem one for all.

Office Stationery Kits

office stationery items online

An office desk can be a place which can get really messy in no time. And generally this happens when there is a urgent meeting or work and you tend to waste half of your time finding smaller things like paper clips or pen. Pen is something that magically disappears when you need it the most. So a perfect solution to keep it all organized and easily reachable is buying stationery kits. Now these stationery kits are not available offline as yet, but many online stationery stores are offering them in different varieties and styles and prices. You need to see which ones suits your best needs, but even after the evolution of technology in phones and laptops the need of items like pen, paper clips, paper weight, stapler will be endless.

stationery kits online

For this sole purpose Writenery offers a variety of kits to suits the needs of different workaholics in offices. It caters to people in all profession and work module. Our basic ones are 5 combo kits which include office stationery items like paper binders, paper clips, pen, push pins, to-do lists, notes lists, daily planners list and gratitude cards. There are 5 variations in these in terms of color, prints, items and material. Made and cater to people of all gender and age. The best part of this kit is it comes in a transparent box which keeps all the things placed perfectly and you can never lose the box, plus its looks really chic and stylish.

online office stationery

Our second phase office stationery kits come as a combo of 3, and again have 10 variations. Apart from color, material, styles the main variation is the notebooks or journals or planners. According to one’s need one can choose not only different design but variety of diary for offices. We range it from A5 diary to wiro notebooks, Monthly planners to daily planners, ruled journals to plain pages one. The best part about these kits again are the box packaging it comes with. Wooden base with transparent top in which all items are visible, and the box can later can be used for storage as well.


Stationery kits are must have office stationery items for every office irrespective of the types, gender or age. The boxes it comes with keep the stationery in one place and easily reachable. It comes with high utility office stationery items of different kinds and are worth investing in.

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