Office Stationery Kits for Working Moms

Mother’s Day is coming onto us and it’s time to show some love. We think that Writenery Stationery Kits are the perfect gift this season for them. Let’s see how?

Best for Organizer Moms

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Yes we all know how mothers are the best organizers, they literally can do multi-tasking really well. Hence our stationery kits are just like tools for them at work for organizing their daily work, from schedules to meetings, lists to pages. The kits almost have all office stationery items for everyday basics. And yes they come in various variations, one can choose depending upon the liking or the personality.

Unique & Stylish Gifts

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Enough of the flowers, jewelry, crockery or a showpiece. It’s time to move on to something which is more useful and different from the previous gifts. The metallic binders and pens makes it more stylish too. These kits are the best new stationery online in India.

Pocket Friendly

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You don’t have to burn your pockets to buy it for your mother. The price range starts from 850 and goes to 1980/- maximum, it’s a best gift option for those students or working freshers with tight pocket and budget. Being pocket friendly the kits looks equally like a luxurious item and them being one of a kind available online in India make it more special.


office stationery kits

Yes, the kits with the notebooks and diaries can be personalized specially with your mother’s name or any tile you want to give it to her. We have more than 10 office stationery kits with different variants in terms of color, sizes, materials and look all packed in a very stylish wooden box with transparent lid on top.

PS: The box can be later used as a storage box, which is actually a win-win situation as we know how much our mother’s loves storage boxes.


This Mother’s Day gift her something unique, stylish, utility based which does not burn a hole in your pocket and the same time makes her feel equally appreciated, especially with our personalized kits and personalized and vintage packaging.

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