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It is already difficult to study from online classes during this quarantine and not meeting your friends and enjoying those recess hours. Well not everything has to get super boring and monotonous. Let’s enjoy a bit by using Writenery’s notebooks. We all know the excitement of fresh new pages and writing our name on the very first page. And that is why we feel that we are best stationery shop to get your hands on this season to buy notebooks for school. Here is why:

Best Quality Papers: Unlike other notebooks available in the market, we aim in providing best quality gsm paper in our notebooks. So whenever you feel like writing from an ink pen, it doesn’t leave marks on the backside of paper. Yes’ you can actually use your backside of paper for writing.

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Motivational quotes on the first page: Yes, we all need little bit of motivation once a while. And that is why we have included it in our notebooks. The first page of every notebook consists of a motivational quote, so whenever you are low or even when you are not just scrolling by the quote makes you feel inspired and empowered.

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They are spiral bound: They are very easy to use as they are wiro bounded. The notebook can lie flat, hence using of left side of papers is equally easy as right side of papers. And tearing off papers is also really easy, you don’t have to spoil your whole notebook or look out of the middle pages to tear from.

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Looks stylish: Gone are the days of using scenery printed notebooks. Let’s be honest with so many styles, prints and colors available of notebooks online, funky stationery too has become a statement style. All the online notebooks of Writenery are simple yet stylish, the wiro are not basic black but comes in different metallic colors, the paper of the cover are textured and really chic looking.

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Compact size: Easy to carry in school bag and in hand, the notebooks are sized A5 or little bigger than A5. Carry them around easily, also we have few notebooks with sections, so you can use one notebook to jot down notes for three subjects. Don’t have to carry 3 different for 3 different subjects. We believe in accessibility and practicality as well.

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A5 size- 5.8 inches by 8.3 inches

Conclusion: Writenery’s notebooks are one of the best notebooks for students to use because of their quality, their compact size, accessibility and usage by being spiral bound, motivational and with super stylish looks. Whether you are studying from home or having private lessons to going and studying at school, these notebooks are created to in a way to empower and inspire you to write and learn.

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