Mother’s Day Gifts According to Horoscopes Part -2


Libra Stationery Gifts

The Judge:

Very kind, fair and super creative. Well we have a perfect gypso diary kit for such creative moms. It can be used at home for home maker moms or moms at work as a perfect office stationery kit. It consists of plain pages’ diary, white pushpins and very subtle grey with rose gold paper binders. Easy to use easy to draw or create doodles or sketches or whatever creative gibberish they want to take out.


Scorpio Stationery Gifts

The Most Intuitive:

Full of mystery, they are very perceptive, familiar and strong. For the strong moms we think bold colors would suit them. Because they are not afraid to stand out, hence our bougainvillea journal with elastic would be a perfect fit for them. Made with strong pink and white combination it has sophisticated look with a touch of bold.


Sagittarius Stationery Gifts

The Adventurer Mom:

Young at heart always keen for trips, games or something new. For these enthusiast we recommend Nude Travel Journal. A very trendy color leatherette journal best suited for travels and easy to carry and very durable because of its outer material.


Capricorn Stationery Gifts

The Perseverance of Effort:

Consistent presence in their kids’ lives, very responsible and driven. We think they would love or basic classic stationery kit.  These work as not only office stationery kits but stationery kits whose accessories can be used at home as well for organizing kids’ stuff and making their schedules or noting down their requirements.


Aquarius Stationery Gifts

The Most Experienced:

Very forward thinking, innovative and smart. They would love something very unique and new from our online stationery shop ie the Mood board. It’s a wooden clipboard with stainless clips which can be used to clip anything from pictures, to sketches to doodles. For those who have done everything and seen everything, this moodboard clipboard would be a perfect new gift.


Pisces Stationery Gifts

The Embodiment of Sensitivity:

No holding back of their feelings, they can be very receptive, imaginative and wise. And for wise moms we recommend our Nature Desk calendar 2020. Because it’s a multipurpose compatible size Desk calendar which can be used as clip board later and is a pocket friendly durable commodity. No gift can be wiser choice than this and the pages used on this are eco-friendly and made of coffee husk.


For every personality trait of mother, we have stationery designed for them which we think would suit them and they would really appreciate. A well styled stationery is the best mother’s day gift to your Mother.

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