Mother’s Day Gifts According to Horoscopes Part -1


Aries Stationery Gifts

The leader:

We recommend Daily Planner Gypso Wiro Notebook. Made for leaders to organize their tasks on daily basis and plan for the next day. It includes from daily goals, notes, urgent tasks and tomorrow’s plan.  A perfect gift for a mother who leads others because with great leadership comes great organizing and planning skills.


Taurus Stationery Gifts

The Embodiment of Patience:

A go to mother for your shoulder to cry on and at the same time thinking self-care importance we recommend a soothing Peony A5 Journal. Writing down her emotions or just opening about herself to the journal is a part of self-care.


Gemini Stationery Gifts

The Communicator:

Always up for long hour talks, insightful, curios and energetic are Gemini moms. At the same time that can be pretty distracted. For them we recommend our Peony stationery kit with daily planners to keep her organized and remember things. Also with gratitude cards along, Gemini moms can use them for gifting purposes. There are different variants to these kits which can be seen under our stationery kits online section.


Cancer Stationery Gifts

The Protective One:

Very comforting and understanding and often have the best piece of advice. They are born nurturers and hence closer to the nature, we recommend our nature wiro notebook stationery kit which has wiro notebook, wooden pushpins and notes lists and comes in a gorgeous wooden box with transparent top.


Leo Stationery Gifts

The Cool Mom:

Super encouraging, playful and open. We recommend our super cool nude stationery kits that comes with golden stationery accessories and super trending nude color gratitude cards and to-do lists. All packed in very chic transparent box, cool stuff for the cool mom.


Virgo Stationery Gifts

The Demanding One:

Children of Virgo moms grew up with lot of rules, which are kind of good and helped them in a way. They are always organized, witty and tireless for work. For them we happily think our maple daily and monthly planner works out to be perfect. Since they are always organized they would love this planner and use it to its capacity.

Ps: Part 2 coming soon for other 6 horoscopes. Stay tuned!!

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