Journaling for Beginners

This blog is for people who want to start journaling, but are lost or confused or are afraid for how to start one? For starters, just remember there is nothing like being terrible at journaling, it’s a mindful practice to reduce anxiety or stress or is just a good habit to have.

Start small

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You don’t have to become writers or poets. Look for a journal notebook online from an online stationery store or go and buy from a local stationery shop. Start with your days, basic how did they go, what did you feel, anything that happened exciting or anything that hurt you. The key is to just write, take it all out on the piece of paper.

Carry it everywhere

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It always a good idea to buy travel journals which are compact and easy to carry. Yes, carry them everywhere, you might want to pen down those thoughts whenever you fee low or top of the world. You can easily get lot of good, quirky or modern journal notebooks online these days. You don’t have to write daily.

You don’t have to write daily

It’s not mandatory to write it down every day, its recommended but not necessary. Write when you feel but don’t stop writing out of discomfort or just because you are lazy. Journaling is all about self-care, which only you can take care of. It seems very easy but we come to sit and pick up the pen, it becomes really difficult. Putting thoughts or feelings onto paper is not easy, difficult than sharing with friends or family. Because here you are honest to yourself and that can be really scary to understand yourself, write it and then reflect upon it. So do when you are really build up inside or feel helpless.

It doesn’t have to be literal

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Journaling don’t have to be literal every time, one can convey emotions through drawing or doodling as well. You can create bullet journals also, create schedules or note down bucket lists. The point is to take it all out from your mind, that emotion, that feeling that anxiety, it can be done n any which way.


Journaling can be very difficult at the beginning, its more difficult than sharing emotions with friends or family, since you are sharing your thoughts with yourself, your honest emotions. Putting thoughts into words can be intimidating in the start, hence this blog is a brief understanding of how you can do. The key is to just start by buying journals notebooks from online stationery stores or from local stationery shops. Just Write.

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