Incorporating Stationery in Daily Life!

You must be thinking why? Well stationery is a powerful tool that is not only restricted to office anymore. Even at home or travel carrying stationery should be the new habit and to be honest it is reaching there eventually but gradually. Because of this reason only we have opened our online stationery store in India, reviving the definition of stationery one day at a time.

Morning with Coffee

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You need a journal/diary after getting up with your daily morning routine with coffee. It’s the most important time of the day for your mental state, getting up with positive vibes and positive thoughts is a must to make out the most of the day. Hence start by a morning positive quote to remind your mind during the whole day and a gratitude list of all the things you are happy you have for today.

Work Space

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It’s not a rocket science but yes of course no work is complete without complete office stationery items. While working we all need tools to organize the work space and mode to the fullest to get the maximum productivity. Hence we use planners, to-do lists, clips and powerful tools like pen to bring ideas into life.

Scheduling Day

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For non- office people or homemakers this is also an essential for scheduling your days, taking care of yourself is utmost important and this tool helps you with that very simply. Plan out your workouts, your meals, your chores very easily with stationery built for you and your personality. Don’t forget to take out time for yourself – no one can take better care of you than yourself.

Before Bed Time

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This is the most important time of day when a stationery plays a part in your life. Writing down the day, the feelings, the ups and downs on the piece of paper, venting it all out – making your mind connect to your soul and feelings more. Getting your mind know what the heart wants and vice versa.

This is how much importance stationery plays into our life, from organizing to scheduling, venting out to positivity. We can do so much by just a piece of paper, pen and some accessories. That is why we say it’s more than a product it’s a tool meant to shape our life by us.

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