How to Organize your life in uncertain times?

We all are going through really uncertain times, some days are easy and some are difficult to even bear. We don’t know what’s certain and what no these days. So much confusion, so much negativity, sometimes its gets too difficult to remain positive and focus. In amidst of all this it’s important to stay active- physically and mentally and the first and basic step to do so is being organized. Without a daily schedule in hands we can never overcome our struggles and make this journey a positive one.

Therefore, here are some tips and guidelines to organize your life.


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Since you are already keen on reading this article we believe that you have already passed the first step i.e., Acceptance. Until you feel from within that there is a problem with your lifestyle or work life or your whole life in general nothing and no one can help you improvise it.

Jotting Problems Down

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Figure out what changes you want to bring in your life. Physically and mentally both. What is it that is bothering you in a day or frustrates you every now and then. We recommend to get notebooks or journals from stationery online in India or from local store and start writing the problems you are facing in life, the things the people the lifestyle whatever affects you, it can be as small as food to as big as your job.


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Take it slow, sit down have a cup of tea or coffee and reflect on what you have written. See if the problems are real are just temporary because of mood changes. Take time to read them again and reflect for few days, if they still feel the same after few days that means you are genuine problems and be happy that you have at least figured out the things bothering you in your life.

Get the right tools

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Once you have accepted, jotted and reflected on all the points; get yourself right tools to make your life more organized. Get some tools for the same, a planner for example is the best friend you can have while getting your life organized whether for work or for home chores. In today’s time you will get so many options and varieties for planners, whether alone or get in combos of stationery kits online one can buy depending upon their type, liking, personality and so much more. We recommend a daily and monthly planner which is simple and easy and doesn’t seem like a heavy chore to do. Just get up in the morning, go through your morning ritual and plan your day with important tasks to do, things you can procrastinate, people you have to call, meals, exercises and almost everything.

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