Harry Potter & The Kit of Stationery

There is so much stationery available online in India now, quirky, simple, modern, classic or magical. In this article we are discussing our favorite Harry potter characters’ personality traits and their stationery types. So if you are a die-hard harry potter fan and love one or two of its characters, this article will definitely help you to find out your stationery kit types.

Harry Potter Stationery Kit

Harry Potter

The Boy Who Lived. The Chosen One. When looking at Harry’s personality type, a new title emerged for him; “Craftsman”, they’re determined individuals with a core belief system that they unwaveringly follow. For these personality traits our Mapple planner stationery kit online is a buy. The daily and monthly planner that helps to follow the rules, meetings, schedule thoroughly.

Ps: It comes with a hook for muggle wand pencil as well.

Harry Potter Mapple Planner

Ron Weasley 

Ron is quick to speak his mind and tell you what he thinks of a plan, and despite being quick to rush into things is able to adapt to a situation when he needs to. These are people who bring out the best qualities in others. For such traits of positivity, our believe nature A5 daily planner kit is perfect. It clearly will reflect the personality of traits of similar to Ron, never giving up and believing themselves.

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Planner Diary Kit

Hermione Granger

Hermione is logical, extremely intelligent, and quick to come up with her own theories and ideas. Known as “The Thinker” Hermione is usually individualistic and dislike social interaction. Gypso A5 plain pages Diary Stationery kit is appropriate for people who “think” than speak a lot, they have a lot to scribble, write or draw down.

Ps: Pen down those never ending thoughts on the stationery kits available online.

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Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore is certainly a contradictory figure. He can be quiet and contemplative or he can command a room’s attention with a single word. He is both popular and sensitive at the same time. Strong personality people reflect boldness, newness and modernness. For such our Nude A5 diary stationery kit is apt. Carries one Nude color diary with golden accessories. A style statement of its own just like our Dumbledore.


With so many options available for stationery online in India, we try and create articles that helps you find your stationery types, and one such article is this based on your favourite harry potter character.

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