Journals – Your Best Friends!

You must be wondering how, that is the exact question we are going to answer in this blog. Since birth to old age, journals are a blessing in disguise. Let’s discuss how?

As a kid:

It’s been said that the child mind’s is its peak developing stage between 1-5 years. These are the years a kid is given a piece of crayon or pencil and let it play with its imagination. Most of your old boxes might still even have the first letter, the first drawing saved till now. Hence the practice of scribbling or drawing in journals starts from beginning unconsciously. There are lots of journals online available for kids specially the new re-writable ones.

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The most complicated age, and the most confused one as well. Struggling the battles within, this age brings all the issues as life threatening matters. Specially the pressures of studying with complicated relationships with friends. This is the age when one keeps to herself or himself, doesn’t really open to family or even friends sometimes. Hence a personal journal is the best way for them to express their emotions, through writing the thoughts becomes clearer, the questions reaches to answer and the secrets remain hidden. These last 5 years there has been such a boom in online stationery in India that finding a journal online, suitable to one’s personality or liking has become very easy.

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This is where the real struggle starts and we come out of our bubble. The hardship of life seeps in and often come times of stress and vulnerability. For those low hours it is highly advised to write. Writing not only helps clear your mind but gives a different perspective to your thoughts when actually read on paper than being on mind. Searching online stationery India will help us get a variety of available journals online for adult people. The motivational ones are really up for demand as everyone needs a dosage of positivity in their life.

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Old Age:

It is said that, the more you grow old the more you start living in your past than looking forward. It is such a blessing if you would have had all these personal journals written from childhood to the present. It can be your companion in those sleepless nights, ill nights or hopeless hours. The best part you can forward it to the younger generation for them to read your legacy and hardships.

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With all these reasons, we are pretty sure that we must have made you realized that Journals are indeed human’s best friends from childhood to adulthood. Why wait then, just go online to the vast growing online stationery in India and buy yourself a journal online.

Designer & Useful Gifts for Him

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Stationery kit gift for him

Stationery kit gift for him

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Personalized Diary

Personalized Diary

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Desk Calendar as a gift for him

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Planner Kits

Planner Kits

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It’s time to include change in gifting pattern, from same old same old clothes or jewelry or cuff-links let’s make a shift to the best stationery online in India to something which is more modern, unique and highly useful for him.

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