Gift a New hobby to Fathers

Getting things like cuff-links, a tie, wallet or watch all these years for him? Don’t you think they are more than that? There always comes a time in everyone’s life including your father’s when anxiety, stress, pressure, negativity starts to conquer their minds, leave them irritated and the worst cut out from family. Unlike others we have seen them not to cry about their stress or their feelings out loud. They keep it inside themselves making it look like everything is fine. But is it? From venting out to organizing their life journaling is the best hobby they can start with, get different varieties of journals and notebook online according to their taste and personalities from our online stationery store. Shipping & Gift wrapping available Pan India.

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Specially this Covid time the things have worsened. Earlier they used to engage themselves in work or going out networking but now being at home 24*7 and not being able to live their life as they would has created more issues than before, not to forget the financial stress it has built already. Therefore, this father’s day we recommend to gift a hobby to your father not a product. Here are some benefits of keeping a Journal or notebook.

Create a Gratitude list

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Getting up every day with a positive mind is very important as it helps you deal with challenges one faces throughout the day. Every morning after waking up and before starting up work creating a gratitude list or writing down about things you are grateful for can help you understand and realize the blessed life you have, having to do that automatically you start seeing the positive things in your life more than the negative and it’s all about keeping your mind positive to get you through the ups and downs in life.

Venting Out

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Too much thoughts going around in our mind because of this lockdown situation, let them all out by writing in the journal. To be happy and healthy along with body fitness we need mental fitness as well. Taking out the problems, the feelings one is dealing with and write about them will help to reflect back and see where are we lacking and why are we feeling what? It’s very important to acknowledge your feelings then only we can work on them.

New Ideas & Creativity

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Ideas and inspiration can strike anywhere and anytime. Having to pin down those thoughts every time they come and be beneficial for future endeavors. Hence carrying a diary or journal or having it around can be beneficial for jotting down the ideas. For creative dads one can use a plain pages diary as well so they can scribble or draw their creative minds and are not confined to the ruler lines of the pages.

Stay organized

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Well a great way to be organized at work is to create daily to-do lists, it makes one more efficient at work, improves concentration because once you know what all has to be done in the day you plan your day accordingly. Scheduling your work day daily also helps a lot on work growth, getting to emphasize on the important tasks, being one step ahead always in meetings or video calls basically it helps you to stop procrastinating.

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