DIY Mother’s Day Self Care Journals Online Part -2

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With the increase popularity of modern stationery in Online stationery in India, it’s a perfect DIY gift to give your mother this quarantine Mother’s Day. Self –care during Covid lockdown has become more important than ever. Staying fit mentally is as important as physically and we need our mothers specially to look after themselves. It is our duty towards them to make them realise the importance of self -care, hence this Mother’s Day Writenery has made few downloadable templates for free where one can download and make a journal out of it on their own or just use the loose papers as themselves. There are 6 templates in total, the first three have been shared in the previous blog, here we will share the next three:

4. Self-care schedule:

Yes, this template has blank sections for you to write plans for your face or hair mask, your cardio or yoga days, anything little for our self once a day. That excludes work or house chores, husband or family duties. This one thing is only planned for herself, it can be reading your favorite book or putting a face mask, writing a journals or going for a walk.

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Downloadable pdf link: ../Downloads/CatsGoMao-SelfCareJournal-A5/CATSGOMAO-SELF CARE-A5.pdf

5. Every day good night routine:

Once in the morning and once in the night, right down all the things that you went through in a day, from your moods to your work pending, making plans for tomorrow, thinking meals to plan for tomorrow. Reflect back on the day, what happened, any three highlights of the day. Adding a little bit positivity in your life.

Keeping a schedule and being on track is what will keep us happy and motivated, something to look forward – create one yourself, why wait for things to settle down let’s just create a new life as humans we can adapt very well, so create a new life in the lockdown.

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Downloadable pdf link: ../Downloads/CatsGoMao-SelfCareJournal-A5/CATSGOMAO-GOOD NIGHT-A5.pdf

6. Writing a journal:

It’s time to reflect. During the lockdown and amidst the Covid Virus spreading all over the world, we need to think about what we have been doing in our life and what in future we should do. Thinking on stop doing things we don’t love or start doing things we always wanted to do. Thinking outload and putting these thoughts into words are totally different things.

Thinking ideas or having feelings to put on paper gives a perspective to yourself. There are many things that we feel but can’t get it out of our system, this is where writing comes and help us guide though our feelings and understand them better. Hence writing is always considered as therapeutic for soul.

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Downloadable Pdf link: ../Downloads/CatsGoMao-SelfCareJournal-A5/CATSGOMAO-JOURNAL-A5.pdf

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