DIY Mother’s Day Self Care Journal Notebook Online Part -1

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We all know mother’s day is approaching us, and this time we can’t get anything new for her because of the lockdown. But for this special day Writenery- an online stationery store has come with an idea of super easy downloadable templates which you can use to create a very own self -care journals for mothers. You just have to download them, even people with black and white printers can access them and create a journal out of these templates.

For information on binding the journals together you can have a look of our previous blog which explains that. Its available in A5 size, all you have to do is print them and bind them together with a specialized cover for your mom and viola its ready. For those who think creating a whole journal is too big of a task and can’t get your hands on it, you guys can just print is like this and gift your mom as loose daily self-care pages. 

We are emphasizing on self-care because we all need it now more than ever. And mothers always need to prioritize herself first which we all know they hardly do. These circumstances of lockdown with so much negativity around surely needs oneself to look after themselves, physically as well mentally. So why don’t we get up, and make something useful for our moms in this lockdown. It consists of 6 templates as follows:

  • Day by Day template:
online stationery schedule

Mothers can write down their daily tasks or chores pending or personal care masks or things they would want to do for the whole month. Basically it’s a monthly sort of planner for them. It can be beneficial for working moms as their office work planner for the whole month ahead of them.

Downloadable pdf: ../Downloads/CatsGoMao-SelfCareJournal-A5/CATSGOMAO-DAILY-A5.pdf

  • Weekly Routine:
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Yes, after monthly scheduling there comes weekly one. This is also at importance to just have a glance and organize our weeks, see the key here in making these templates is to keep us busy, keep us occupied in a way that it doesn’t affect our mental or physical health but help us to keep it on track during Covid times.

Downloadable link pdf: ../Downloads/CatsGoMao-SelfCareJournal-A5/CATSGOMAO-ROUTINE-A5.pdf

  • Make every morning as fresh start:
journals online

The most tough part in days of lockdown is getting up and feeling motivated. But being on schedule makes things easier than being lethargic and not doing things all day. Hence a good morning daily page is must have to fill where one can set their goals, understand the day and plan about it. Little things can help our mind keep in track and thus our health.

Downloadable link pdf: ../Downloads/CatsGoMao-SelfCareJournal-A5/CATSGOMAO-GOOD MORNING-A5.pdf

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