Creating a healthy morning Schedule

During these tough times of pandemic there is a major change in lifestyle, the patterns and habits has been shifted majorly. By not able to go out much, we have become lazy, lethargic, depressed and eventually sad. Sometimes it’s easy to cope but some days just become unbearable. Here is an easy habit in the morning to do every day which can help you create a healthy and balanced life.

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Along with your bedside tea or coffee start your everyday with a daily positive phrase. Put it on your fridge or a notice board or even a journal or diary so that you can keep reminding yourself while reading that. Since reading it again and again will help you practice that thought or phrase in your life. You can get to-do lists or pins easily from any Online stationery store.

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Making a gratitude list, it takes less than 2 minutes to write what all you are grateful for today. It helps you realize what all you have in life, things that actually matter than what all we crib about unnecessarily. The art is to keep reminding ourselves daily the positivity instead of getting lost in the negativity which creeps upon any time or any-minute of the day.

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Then the most important of all comes – journaling. Just taking out time to write about your days, what all plans you have for the day, what do you want to accomplish today- professionally or personally. Specially how are you feeling early morning, did you get up irritated or sad and why is that? What can you do to overcome this feeling? Thinking about past? Write about the trips you did, how did you feel or now after this is all over where do you want to travel next. Give 10-15 minutes of your time daily to your own journal. It is you who can take care of yourself than anybody else, your happiness lies within you, no one can give you what you need or expect.

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Hence this 2020-2021 we recommend you to buy diaries online or offline and get into the habit of journaling and self-caring. It high time to leave such a big responsibility on your loved ones. Only you yourself can make you happy nobody else.

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