Must Have Desk Accessories during Lockdown

Add life to the table

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We all know even If the lockdown opens or not we are far long than going to our offices and working from there. Most of the companies might not open till December 2020, therefore we are all are in kind of work from situation for longer than anticipated.

Working from home has its pros but it can be get equally demotivating very soon. The ease and comfort of home surroundings can make one easily glide into laziness and boredom. Therefore, it’s very important to,

Build a healthy environment – a home work space where one feels motivated and energized and most important of all productive. Just by adding few simple things can make such a big difference, and hence we recommend a must have home desk accessory for work our Desk Calendar 2020.

  • Apart from being super durable and high quality wood made product, it will help you organize your life a little bit. And will definitely add some style with utility. For starters it’s always good to know what day and date you are working on. There are sections for you to write up important tasks or dates for you to remember, in these times especially you wouldn’t want to miss anyone’s birthday or anniversaries as its time to re-connect with your pals. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to miss the deadlines of work or important zoom meetings (where one needs to be dressed appropriately)
desk calendar 2020
  • It adds as a perfect accessory for clipping as well, written a note and don’t want to misplace or ration list that you have to get later in the day? Write it down on paper and clip it on the board to keep you reminded. If not a clip you can write a motivational quote as well for yourself every day and clip, use it on your desk or shelf wherever you feel comfortable, this desk calendar can fit any place with just change of front page.
  • Well after all this utility, we just can’t ignore the looks. The calendar made with pure teak wood with stainless steel clip and coffee husk papers look super chic on the table. Its neutral warm tones can go with any color table or design. Also its one of the only products available in market in online stationery in India makes it more unique and buy-able.
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Why Writenery’s Desk Calendar is an Apt Mother’s Day Gift?


desk calendar 2020

For mom’s it is always using products for different things, hence this desk calendar 2020 after serving its purpose can be used as a clipboard. A clipboard to clip pictures, to-do lists, drawings or sketches. We are sure they will love its different usage and will be happy to receive one. Other than that its always there to write down Dhobi clothes quantity or mark important dates.

Apt for Office or Home

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Yes, this Desk Calendar is apt for both Working moms and House maker Moms. It is easy to carry, looks super chic, can be used in corporate offices or stylish offices and similarly can be used vintage houses or Indian interior houses because of its versatile wooden look and feel.

Chic, Stylish & Durable

Online stationery in India

Online stationery in India has hundreds of Desk calendars available, personalized or small, pocket ones or quirky funny ones but for mothers at home we feel this is apt because of its simplicity. It will go with any interiors and its highly durable because it’s made of Teak wood and stainless steel clip.

Pocket Friendly

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Well we all know and are used to the taunt of overspending in things. But this product is really pocket friendly considering the different purposes and durability. Its time and era of gifting something unique and useful than just flowers or cards, which gets thrown after 4 days or a week max. So rather than investing in all these cliche gifts and thinking gifting a calendar to Mothers is so funny, actually it is not. It is wiser and smart choice.


Thinking of something new mothers day gift for your mother than cliche gifts like flowers, perfumes, Jewelry or cards. We have got you covered. Yes, gifting a Desk calendar sounds absurd but after reading its full benefits, it would seem a rather wiser and smart decision.

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