Best Work Notebooks 2020

Best Value with Quality

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We believe that stationery is something which is used so often that it should be at a minimal price without compromising on quality. We aim to provide the best of features at best rates than any other brand in the Indian industry. Whether its quality of paper or wiro used in our wiro notebooks, pasting technique or printing features everything is well chosen in advance with proper sampling of every part and hence the design is created and sold. We can say with guarantee that no other brand in the Indian stationery industry can provide such good quality at our rates.

Best for Durability

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With quality comes durability, with design and value the other major factor that comes is durability of products. We as a brand make sure all our products are made of durable materials, whether its grey board used under the notebooks, the material of spiral binding or boxes of stationery kits. Many of our notebook kits – wooden and acrylic are made to be used after as storage boxes or for gifting purposes. With durability we also think of creating after usage of products hence the quality is never compromised on any product.

Best Service

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Servicing doesn’t only mean selling the products to customers but taking care of customer needs at the same time. Apart from fast deliveries and returns option all over India we provide them more than a product, we provide experience. With our one of a kind gift packaging, which is vintage sealed and personalized with hand written message, a gift that anyone who receives can’t stop thanking the gesture. And also personalized name printing facilities on the notebooks and diaries to make your stationery more personal for you.

Best Work Notebooks Designs

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In designing the notebooks, we don’t follow the trends of patterns or prints but colors and sophistication of simplicity. We all know that most of the times one can’t carry around funky quirky prints, at one point you are trying to be professional and look professional and on the another you are carrying a unicorn diary or batman notebook, at work a person needs to be showcased in a professional way which he or she can’t until they show themselves as one. With Writenery’s simple colors and designs the notebooks or their stationery kits online can be a perfect tool of office to get our hands on.

Must Have Desk Accessories during Lockdown

Add life to the table

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We all know even If the lockdown opens or not we are far long than going to our offices and working from there. Most of the companies might not open till December 2020, therefore we are all are in kind of work from situation for longer than anticipated.

Working from home has its pros but it can be get equally demotivating very soon. The ease and comfort of home surroundings can make one easily glide into laziness and boredom. Therefore, it’s very important to,

Build a healthy environment – a home work space where one feels motivated and energized and most important of all productive. Just by adding few simple things can make such a big difference, and hence we recommend a must have home desk accessory for work our Desk Calendar 2020.

  • Apart from being super durable and high quality wood made product, it will help you organize your life a little bit. And will definitely add some style with utility. For starters it’s always good to know what day and date you are working on. There are sections for you to write up important tasks or dates for you to remember, in these times especially you wouldn’t want to miss anyone’s birthday or anniversaries as its time to re-connect with your pals. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to miss the deadlines of work or important zoom meetings (where one needs to be dressed appropriately)
desk calendar 2020
  • It adds as a perfect accessory for clipping as well, written a note and don’t want to misplace or ration list that you have to get later in the day? Write it down on paper and clip it on the board to keep you reminded. If not a clip you can write a motivational quote as well for yourself every day and clip, use it on your desk or shelf wherever you feel comfortable, this desk calendar can fit any place with just change of front page.
  • Well after all this utility, we just can’t ignore the looks. The calendar made with pure teak wood with stainless steel clip and coffee husk papers look super chic on the table. Its neutral warm tones can go with any color table or design. Also its one of the only products available in market in online stationery in India makes it more unique and buy-able.
online desk calendar

Stationery near me – Writenery


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So many options to choose from, different styles, colors, materials. Our stationery kits online are one of the only available in Indian market. A very good compilation of products designed to cater to your day to day stationery needs. Depending on your needs there are 15 variations available to choose from. They are set of 3 basic combinations with various design and color options –  A5 diary with stationery accessories, wiro notebooks with stationery accessories and our best-selling stationery accessories with daily lists and gratitude cards combination of 5.


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All the items are just a click away, all you have to do is choose and add to the cart. The payment options include pre-paid or cash on delivery. And we deliver to all over India at reasonable delivery charge. The products generally get delivered within 7 working days of ordering, hence making accessibility of products super easy, worry free. Thinking of gifting it to someone far from you, or you are sitting abroad and want to gift something special- our stationery kits are just a click away.


Online Stationery in India

This is the charm of ordering Online Stationery in India. The products can be personalized with your name or company logo. Getting new stationery is always exciting but getting one printed with your name a different charm all together. Writenery provides that facility with no additional cost. Because we know how to make our products special for you individually.

Return Policy

Writenery Return Policy

Well this has never happened with us, but in case you find the product damaged or didn’t like the color or the whole product, we have easy return policy. Just message us or call us or email us with the product picture (in case of damaged) and we without any questions asked would be happy to take it back from you. The last thing we want is to unsatisfying you all.

Beautiful Gift Packaging

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You must be thinking why would the need of packaging the stationery will arrive, oh yes after seeing our packaging you would not say the same. For us, we don’t sell products but experiences. The experience of seeing your name on your diary, the joy of going through the fresh blank pages, the excitement of using stationery accessories and the happiness of receiving our vintage seal package is something which we live for and what we have made this brand about. Covered in brown paper, with natural leaf or twig sealed with a dull gold vintage wax and personalized written message, no one you would find is putting so much effort in their gift packaging.

Notebooks for Students

Writenery Notebooks Online

It is already difficult to study from online classes during this quarantine and not meeting your friends and enjoying those recess hours. Well not everything has to get super boring and monotonous. Let’s enjoy a bit by using Writenery’s notebooks. We all know the excitement of fresh new pages and writing our name on the very first page. And that is why we feel that we are best stationery shop to get your hands on this season to buy notebooks for school. Here is why:

Best Quality Papers: Unlike other notebooks available in the market, we aim in providing best quality gsm paper in our notebooks. So whenever you feel like writing from an ink pen, it doesn’t leave marks on the backside of paper. Yes’ you can actually use your backside of paper for writing.

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Motivational quotes on the first page: Yes, we all need little bit of motivation once a while. And that is why we have included it in our notebooks. The first page of every notebook consists of a motivational quote, so whenever you are low or even when you are not just scrolling by the quote makes you feel inspired and empowered.

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They are spiral bound: They are very easy to use as they are wiro bounded. The notebook can lie flat, hence using of left side of papers is equally easy as right side of papers. And tearing off papers is also really easy, you don’t have to spoil your whole notebook or look out of the middle pages to tear from.

best notebooks online

Looks stylish: Gone are the days of using scenery printed notebooks. Let’s be honest with so many styles, prints and colors available of notebooks online, funky stationery too has become a statement style. All the online notebooks of Writenery are simple yet stylish, the wiro are not basic black but comes in different metallic colors, the paper of the cover are textured and really chic looking.

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Compact size: Easy to carry in school bag and in hand, the notebooks are sized A5 or little bigger than A5. Carry them around easily, also we have few notebooks with sections, so you can use one notebook to jot down notes for three subjects. Don’t have to carry 3 different for 3 different subjects. We believe in accessibility and practicality as well.

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A5 size- 5.8 inches by 8.3 inches

Conclusion: Writenery’s notebooks are one of the best notebooks for students to use because of their quality, their compact size, accessibility and usage by being spiral bound, motivational and with super stylish looks. Whether you are studying from home or having private lessons to going and studying at school, these notebooks are created to in a way to empower and inspire you to write and learn.

DIY Mother’s Day Self Care Journals Online Part -2

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With the increase popularity of modern stationery in Online stationery in India, it’s a perfect DIY gift to give your mother this quarantine Mother’s Day. Self –care during Covid lockdown has become more important than ever. Staying fit mentally is as important as physically and we need our mothers specially to look after themselves. It is our duty towards them to make them realise the importance of self -care, hence this Mother’s Day Writenery has made few downloadable templates for free where one can download and make a journal out of it on their own or just use the loose papers as themselves. There are 6 templates in total, the first three have been shared in the previous blog, here we will share the next three:

4. Self-care schedule:

Yes, this template has blank sections for you to write plans for your face or hair mask, your cardio or yoga days, anything little for our self once a day. That excludes work or house chores, husband or family duties. This one thing is only planned for herself, it can be reading your favorite book or putting a face mask, writing a journals or going for a walk.

journals online in india

Downloadable pdf link: ../Downloads/CatsGoMao-SelfCareJournal-A5/CATSGOMAO-SELF CARE-A5.pdf

5. Every day good night routine:

Once in the morning and once in the night, right down all the things that you went through in a day, from your moods to your work pending, making plans for tomorrow, thinking meals to plan for tomorrow. Reflect back on the day, what happened, any three highlights of the day. Adding a little bit positivity in your life.

Keeping a schedule and being on track is what will keep us happy and motivated, something to look forward – create one yourself, why wait for things to settle down let’s just create a new life as humans we can adapt very well, so create a new life in the lockdown.

buy journals online

Downloadable pdf link: ../Downloads/CatsGoMao-SelfCareJournal-A5/CATSGOMAO-GOOD NIGHT-A5.pdf

6. Writing a journal:

It’s time to reflect. During the lockdown and amidst the Covid Virus spreading all over the world, we need to think about what we have been doing in our life and what in future we should do. Thinking on stop doing things we don’t love or start doing things we always wanted to do. Thinking outload and putting these thoughts into words are totally different things.

Thinking ideas or having feelings to put on paper gives a perspective to yourself. There are many things that we feel but can’t get it out of our system, this is where writing comes and help us guide though our feelings and understand them better. Hence writing is always considered as therapeutic for soul.

buy journals in india

Downloadable Pdf link: ../Downloads/CatsGoMao-SelfCareJournal-A5/CATSGOMAO-JOURNAL-A5.pdf

DIY Mother’s Day Self Care Journal Notebook Online Part -1

mothers day stationery gifts

We all know mother’s day is approaching us, and this time we can’t get anything new for her because of the lockdown. But for this special day Writenery- an online stationery store has come with an idea of super easy downloadable templates which you can use to create a very own self -care journals for mothers. You just have to download them, even people with black and white printers can access them and create a journal out of these templates.

For information on binding the journals together you can have a look of our previous blog which explains that. Its available in A5 size, all you have to do is print them and bind them together with a specialized cover for your mom and viola its ready. For those who think creating a whole journal is too big of a task and can’t get your hands on it, you guys can just print is like this and gift your mom as loose daily self-care pages. 

We are emphasizing on self-care because we all need it now more than ever. And mothers always need to prioritize herself first which we all know they hardly do. These circumstances of lockdown with so much negativity around surely needs oneself to look after themselves, physically as well mentally. So why don’t we get up, and make something useful for our moms in this lockdown. It consists of 6 templates as follows:

  • Day by Day template:
online stationery schedule

Mothers can write down their daily tasks or chores pending or personal care masks or things they would want to do for the whole month. Basically it’s a monthly sort of planner for them. It can be beneficial for working moms as their office work planner for the whole month ahead of them.

Downloadable pdf: ../Downloads/CatsGoMao-SelfCareJournal-A5/CATSGOMAO-DAILY-A5.pdf

  • Weekly Routine:
online stationery store

Yes, after monthly scheduling there comes weekly one. This is also at importance to just have a glance and organize our weeks, see the key here in making these templates is to keep us busy, keep us occupied in a way that it doesn’t affect our mental or physical health but help us to keep it on track during Covid times.

Downloadable link pdf: ../Downloads/CatsGoMao-SelfCareJournal-A5/CATSGOMAO-ROUTINE-A5.pdf

  • Make every morning as fresh start:
journals online

The most tough part in days of lockdown is getting up and feeling motivated. But being on schedule makes things easier than being lethargic and not doing things all day. Hence a good morning daily page is must have to fill where one can set their goals, understand the day and plan about it. Little things can help our mind keep in track and thus our health.

Downloadable link pdf: ../Downloads/CatsGoMao-SelfCareJournal-A5/CATSGOMAO-GOOD MORNING-A5.pdf

Personalize Classic Stationery for Him

Yes, email and text isn’t enough, we need stationery for communicating with Style. And what else is better than getting a personalized set for them. Our classic stationery serves the stationery needs for all age group of men. And the best part is it can be personalized. The classic black, grey and white look is old-school, has minimalist look and is perfect for sophisticated snark. Moreover, it gives a very sharp look and ads to your personality. In short words it will be an accessory which you would love to show off weather it’s in your hands, for meetings or just keeping it on desk. It adds an oomph factor with of course the utility. Let’s get in to the type of products we have in our classic stationery for him collection:

Classic Personalized A5 Diary:

A man always needs his diary. No gadget can replace the power a pen and paper has. Weather its seems that the age of diaries is gone, well let us tell you that it has just started specially in online stationery of India. The trend is moving towards more and more purchase of buying stationery online.

The simple and sophisticated look of our classic diary is a perfect use for him. The diary comes with textured paper matte finish at the top and simple graphics look from the inside consists of 240 ruled pages of 80 gsm high quality natural shade. The size is very easy to carry or keep in a bag. The main thing is the personalized acrylic metallic name cutting that in two colors- silver and gold to complete the look.

Classic Personalized A5 Notepad Folder:

buy notebooks online

This is one of a kind A5 size folder we had come up because it’s very difficult to carry and keep these oversize and bulky folders. This is one of our original folders design, as there are none small folders in the Indian stationery market. This too as the diary is made of textured paper but has more durable board inside. It comes with pen pocket, loose pages’ pocket and same design detachable notepad folder. The folder has 60 tear-off ruled pages in 80 gsm quality with natural shade. Again can be personalized either with names or titles or company logos.

Classic Stationery Kit:

stationery gift for him

It’s a perfect stationery gifts for him. Comes in a super chic transparent box this kit is the best buy for a stationery lover. The kit contains super useful black and white combination of accessories which are a rare find in Indian stationery market. The kit contains black matte paper clips, black matte paper binders, black matte pen, printed gratitude cards to write on and paste or tie with any gifts or cards and daily to-do lists which is super helpful in remaining organized. A combination of all things useful with style.


Writenery’s Classic collection is build keeping in mind the simplicity yet style men want in their life. It ignites excitement even in whom who are not into stationery. Its unique and chic look with a touch of personalization, makes it a perfect gift considering its universal design. One can buy the collection together or use individually.

Mother’s Day Gifts According to Horoscopes Part -2


Libra Stationery Gifts

The Judge:

Very kind, fair and super creative. Well we have a perfect gypso diary kit for such creative moms. It can be used at home for home maker moms or moms at work as a perfect office stationery kit. It consists of plain pages’ diary, white pushpins and very subtle grey with rose gold paper binders. Easy to use easy to draw or create doodles or sketches or whatever creative gibberish they want to take out.


Scorpio Stationery Gifts

The Most Intuitive:

Full of mystery, they are very perceptive, familiar and strong. For the strong moms we think bold colors would suit them. Because they are not afraid to stand out, hence our bougainvillea journal with elastic would be a perfect fit for them. Made with strong pink and white combination it has sophisticated look with a touch of bold.


Sagittarius Stationery Gifts

The Adventurer Mom:

Young at heart always keen for trips, games or something new. For these enthusiast we recommend Nude Travel Journal. A very trendy color leatherette journal best suited for travels and easy to carry and very durable because of its outer material.


Capricorn Stationery Gifts

The Perseverance of Effort:

Consistent presence in their kids’ lives, very responsible and driven. We think they would love or basic classic stationery kit.  These work as not only office stationery kits but stationery kits whose accessories can be used at home as well for organizing kids’ stuff and making their schedules or noting down their requirements.


Aquarius Stationery Gifts

The Most Experienced:

Very forward thinking, innovative and smart. They would love something very unique and new from our online stationery shop ie the Mood board. It’s a wooden clipboard with stainless clips which can be used to clip anything from pictures, to sketches to doodles. For those who have done everything and seen everything, this moodboard clipboard would be a perfect new gift.


Pisces Stationery Gifts

The Embodiment of Sensitivity:

No holding back of their feelings, they can be very receptive, imaginative and wise. And for wise moms we recommend our Nature Desk calendar 2020. Because it’s a multipurpose compatible size Desk calendar which can be used as clip board later and is a pocket friendly durable commodity. No gift can be wiser choice than this and the pages used on this are eco-friendly and made of coffee husk.


For every personality trait of mother, we have stationery designed for them which we think would suit them and they would really appreciate. A well styled stationery is the best mother’s day gift to your Mother.

Mother’s Day Gifts According to Horoscopes Part -1


Aries Stationery Gifts

The leader:

We recommend Daily Planner Gypso Wiro Notebook. Made for leaders to organize their tasks on daily basis and plan for the next day. It includes from daily goals, notes, urgent tasks and tomorrow’s plan.  A perfect gift for a mother who leads others because with great leadership comes great organizing and planning skills.


Taurus Stationery Gifts

The Embodiment of Patience:

A go to mother for your shoulder to cry on and at the same time thinking self-care importance we recommend a soothing Peony A5 Journal. Writing down her emotions or just opening about herself to the journal is a part of self-care.


Gemini Stationery Gifts

The Communicator:

Always up for long hour talks, insightful, curios and energetic are Gemini moms. At the same time that can be pretty distracted. For them we recommend our Peony stationery kit with daily planners to keep her organized and remember things. Also with gratitude cards along, Gemini moms can use them for gifting purposes. There are different variants to these kits which can be seen under our stationery kits online section.


Cancer Stationery Gifts

The Protective One:

Very comforting and understanding and often have the best piece of advice. They are born nurturers and hence closer to the nature, we recommend our nature wiro notebook stationery kit which has wiro notebook, wooden pushpins and notes lists and comes in a gorgeous wooden box with transparent top.


Leo Stationery Gifts

The Cool Mom:

Super encouraging, playful and open. We recommend our super cool nude stationery kits that comes with golden stationery accessories and super trending nude color gratitude cards and to-do lists. All packed in very chic transparent box, cool stuff for the cool mom.


Virgo Stationery Gifts

The Demanding One:

Children of Virgo moms grew up with lot of rules, which are kind of good and helped them in a way. They are always organized, witty and tireless for work. For them we happily think our maple daily and monthly planner works out to be perfect. Since they are always organized they would love this planner and use it to its capacity.

Ps: Part 2 coming soon for other 6 horoscopes. Stay tuned!!

Why Writenery’s Desk Calendar is an Apt Mother’s Day Gift?


desk calendar 2020

For mom’s it is always using products for different things, hence this desk calendar 2020 after serving its purpose can be used as a clipboard. A clipboard to clip pictures, to-do lists, drawings or sketches. We are sure they will love its different usage and will be happy to receive one. Other than that its always there to write down Dhobi clothes quantity or mark important dates.

Apt for Office or Home

2 Desk Calendar online

Yes, this Desk Calendar is apt for both Working moms and House maker Moms. It is easy to carry, looks super chic, can be used in corporate offices or stylish offices and similarly can be used vintage houses or Indian interior houses because of its versatile wooden look and feel.

Chic, Stylish & Durable

Online stationery in India

Online stationery in India has hundreds of Desk calendars available, personalized or small, pocket ones or quirky funny ones but for mothers at home we feel this is apt because of its simplicity. It will go with any interiors and its highly durable because it’s made of Teak wood and stainless steel clip.

Pocket Friendly

buy calendar online

Well we all know and are used to the taunt of overspending in things. But this product is really pocket friendly considering the different purposes and durability. Its time and era of gifting something unique and useful than just flowers or cards, which gets thrown after 4 days or a week max. So rather than investing in all these cliche gifts and thinking gifting a calendar to Mothers is so funny, actually it is not. It is wiser and smart choice.


Thinking of something new mothers day gift for your mother than cliche gifts like flowers, perfumes, Jewelry or cards. We have got you covered. Yes, gifting a Desk calendar sounds absurd but after reading its full benefits, it would seem a rather wiser and smart decision.

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