Planners According to Your Work Personality

The Energizer 

Highly engaged and always ready to participate in team activities.  These workers are always coming up with new ideas and extracurricular activities to partake in; unfortunately, their enthusiasm can often distract them from their main job objectives and responsibilities. 

Hence planners that help them focus on the main objectives of the day and then let them do their other socializing part later will be a good option for them. Planners that have main focus on things to do for today & for tomorrow. Important dates & important notes should be a must.

In short a daily planner are the most important stationery kit online with all things important to be noted is suggested

daily planner online

The Analyst

Analysts work best in positions that deal with data and metrics. In order for analysts to succeed, they need to be put in positions that are data-driven. 

So the best planners online would be for them that has inbuilt calculator that they can calculate and create their data and analyze. Yes, planners with graph pages would also add be super beneficial, where one can just print or mark the graphs weekly or monthly.

best planners online

The Bum

Bums are the workers who initially started out as an achiever but somehow fell into a slump. They have the skills and ability to get the job done well, they just do the work necessary to get by without punishment.

For them the best kind of planners would be that motivate and inspire them daily. Planners that have some fun element also to them like stickers so that its equally engaging to them to do stuff and they look forward to actually achieving their daily tasks. Little bit of motivational words can actually increase one’s creativity.

best planners in delhi

The Achiever 

The achiever is someone who strives for excellence in everything that they do. They’re likely organized, reliable, and consistent in their work performance. Well since they take their work very seriously a daily planner which has their whole routine set is a must. Since there are times they tend to be so occupied that forget to eat and drink and vice versa. So a daily and monthly planner that covers their work as well as important personnel life is apt.

daily and monthly planner

Why Journals are important?

Clear your thoughts

Yes, human mind is complicated, with so many thoughts flooding in every second it makes really difficult to make or choose right decisions or paths. We think something in our mind constantly, stress or worry about it every second but when we pen down those thoughts it becomes clearer to us. Writing down thought or problems is the best way to solve them as first we accept or acknowledge the problems.

Every day journaling not only clear your thoughts but gives an insight of your brain where you can reflect upon. And get a good, stylish journal rather a boring one so you get excited at least to right in it. There are many journals available online these days.

journals available online

Makes you more organized

Believe it or not writing things did today and what you plan on doing tomorrow is the key of being productive. There is no feeling like checking or slashing all those tasks. Keeping track of your work, planning future tasks a day prior and planning monthly schedule is all a part of increasing productivity.

There are specialized journals for that these days available online. Daily planner or weekly or monthly, one can buy them according to his or her need.

Enhances Creativity

Scribble away they say at the age of 1-5 for children to grow or enhance their mind. The same goes for adults. Specially artists, the more and more you open up yourself to express your thoughts through drawing, the more and more you grow as an artist. Art doesn’t have to be on perfect canvas with perfect materials every time. Inspiration can come any time anywhere.

There are a wide variety of plain page journals online, pick up your pen or pencil and draw away.

Helps in Self- Improvement

So many times in our life we tend to express our emotions wrongly or inappropriate. Repeat same mistake again and again and realize it later. Say hurtful things to the people we love. And always wonder why?  The best way to get to know why is write about the things you have said or done. Until we see the scenario as a third party we don’t understand what went wrong. Journaling helps us achieve that, reflect on our doings and in future thus we remember what makes us trigger.

Daily journaling for self-improvement is suggest by almost all the therapists as well. And since we are so open and grown about mental illness these days there are many journals again available with the best stationery shop online in India for the same.

Improves language

Needless to say, writing about stuff, about feelings or work make your mind thinks about words to express. While speaking many a times we flounder to get the right words and usually say what comes to mind at first but while writing the ball game is different. You think, you can think as long as you want to express what’s in mind. Many a times we feel the need to google and get synonyms for the words, this indirectly helps us improve our language.

best journals online


Journaling is a way of connecting to oneself. Getting to know our personality better, enhancing our skills, making us think about our decisions, questing our morals, and so much more. We can consider it as self-therapeutic. Journal is your best friend as it reminds of you yourself in this world. 

Unique & Romantic Gifts for Seven Days of Valentine for Women

Yes, we all know how hard it is to woo her over. But it’s satisfying at the same time to see happiness on her face. We have got you covered this valentine. Very unique gifts from journals, diaries and folders to how chocolates can be personalized.

Rose Day

There is nothing romantic than a dry rose saved and preserved in a notebook or diary. Everyone gifts fresh roses but gifting a dry rose can be so thoughtful. The ancient Feng Shui masters had a very beautiful saying — “Trust what your heart is thinking”. When placed on an altar, for example, a dried flower becomes your very own Feng Shui symbol of something very dear to you, thus it will keep holding good energy as long as you take good care of it.

Putting it in a flower printed vintage Journals and notebooks can make it more significant

journals and notebooks online

Propose Day

No writing a letter to your girl or women is not outdated or cheesy. Feelings of what you can propose to her for rest of your life it can be as easy as gifting her stationery all her life or being her best friend.

A pretty handmade paper with good printed or plain envelope and ribbon or flower to close it.

stationery kit online

Chocolate Day

Personalized chocolate. Hell yes to our own names of personalized chocolates. Of course chocolate day would mean something chocolaty, but getting cake or brownie or even handmade chocolates doesn’t make it special.

personalized chocolates

Teddy Day

Well this day can get really tricky once you kind of grow old. Yes, girl’s like’s teddy but up to a certain age. An easy special fix for this is floral teddy. Any nearby floral store can make you one these days.

floral teddy gifts online

Promise Day

A perfect romantic and pretty journal or diary with quote written of here’s to the new beginnings. Here is to our blank pages of life and let’s write them together. Always remember to write messages for each gifts, the feeling the thought behind it matters more than anything else.

Hug Day

A cozy comforter to watch the TV. Women in general feel colder than men, why not make her comfortable by giving a very soft comforter for her which can be used while reading a book, watching TV or just a sip of morning Tea or writing her personal diary.

Again small gestures are what get noticed. And yes it will be used in summers as well.

hug day online

Kiss Day

Well the thing that irritates you the most, yes get her bright color lipstick. Gift to her and write a message along saying how much her this habit annoys you but you would want her to still continue doing it. We bet the cheeks would go pink in any minute.


Women or girls don’t expect out of the world things or very expensive ones. It’s the smaller details, your notice that makes them happy the most. Either it’s as basic as diary or journal, it’s the thought behind that gift.

Designer & Useful Gifts for Him

We know valentines is around the corner and it is so difficult to find something unique and useful for men. We are all done with cuff-links, wallet, Laptop bags and the lists goes on. Why not this season switch over to something which is useful, chic, stylish and affordable at like trendy stationery, folders or journals.

Stationery kit gift for him

Stationery kit gift for him

Organized and daily essential office stationery kits of 5. Comes in different variants, with or without diary. Super chic, super classy and super useful gift for him.

Personalized Diary

Personalized Diary

We all love our name on something we carry, and more than that gifting personalized items makes the receiver feel that time has been given to curate a gift especially for him. Something as handy as personalized diary for everyday use is a perfect gift for him this valentine season.

Desk Calendar as a gift for him

Desk Calendar

Most of the men are old school, they love their gadgets but at the same time they want to be as old school as their father. Small things like this wooden desk calendar with eco-friendly pages is something he will appreciate definitely.

Planner Kits

Planner Kits

Well in this busy schedule, ones needs to be organized and planned for meetings or just remembering important tasks. A monthly and daily planner that helps you with the same marks as a perfect gift for him.


It’s time to include change in gifting pattern, from same old same old clothes or jewelry or cuff-links let’s make a shift to the best stationery online in India to something which is more modern, unique and highly useful for him.

Valentine’s Gifts for Her

valentines gifts for her

Yes, it’s that time of the year where your special lady needs special attention and care. Expressing love through gifts or gestures can be really tricky. Especially in search of something new, don’t you worry we have got you covered.


journals online in india

Journals are special possession of women, one shares every emotion and feeling. Also if they have not started writing one yet it’s a good habit to start writing your emotions and feelings. Gypso journal with first page written – To the new beginnings is a perfect one to start with.

Stationery Combos

stationery kits combos

A good whole set of coordinated journals, notebooks and stationery kit sets is a perfect utility gift for her. A style stamen that she can carry, use in her daily life and its feminine and sophisticated design makes her happy every day.

Daily Planners

daily planners

Yes, women love to be organized and systematic. A daily or monthly planner with pastels shades like powder blue or light grey can be a perfect valentine gift for her. Writing a special not in it at the first page makes it more personalize, something that she can see daily which brings smile to her face.

Stationery kits

Golden bling or wooden matte, stationery sets are really in this season. With classy to-do lists, gratitude cards, paper clips and binders. This box screams chic. And which lady doesn’t want to scream chic.


Flowers, jewelry, watches, perfumes, clothes are really last season. If you are looking for a surprised and unexpected reaction switch to designer gifts for her. Gifts she could have never expected to be so stylish and useful. Something that she will cherish each day while using. It’s all about little things for women.

Must Have Office Stationery for Women 2020


In today’s chaotic world, one needs to be highly organized to get all things done. Especially in case of women when here is so much to handle from family to office, to one’s health to social scenes. It’s very easy to forget lot of important dates or meetings because we run in 10 different directions.

Hence planners are must to sort out life a little. Weather it is monthly or daily or weekly. It is always easier to write things down way in advance. And why not do it with style and have fun a little while doing it.

Stationery kits

We love organizing, so why not keep our stationery also organized and get ourselves stationery kits which has everything in one place. From pen to paperclips, from pushpins to paper binders, to do-lists with very own gratitude cards. And like our clothes and shoes and bags, why not have them also in sync – in same color, in same aesthetics that they go with each other.


Travelling is an important part of work life, conferences, meetings, work tours are must for growing or networking. And at such occasions its very important to note down the important points of discussion or even thoughts to reflect back on. Hence one should always carry a travel journal.


Planning things. meeting people hour after hour- to help keep the points and loose papers in place, folders are foremost important. Keep those loose papers, note the points in notepad-tear off something needs to be given to other party, no need to search for the pen as it’s in the pen holder. All things essential to make you go on and on without fussing over loosing documents.


The mentioned 4 things are a must have for women of modern world, who believe in herself and her work. Keep you organized, planned and make you look professional with style. Basically all the must haves of office stationery one needs to own necessarily.

Must Have Office Supplies Men 2020

A5 Diary

Diaries that are compact and easy to carry, easy to slip in compact laptop bags. are must have. No one needs a heavy work accessory in today’s world. Hence a 240 pages’ diary – ruled or plain is a perfect office essential. And the best part is now it can be easily personalized with own names.


For all those meetings and conferences where one needs to take notes and keep some loose papers intact- folders are a must have. The best ones are to have are easy to carry A5 ones which has loose paper pockets, east to remove notepads and pen holders.

Desk Calendar

Well yes in today’s world one would things the need of calendar as we have everything available on mobile but for office desk it’s a necessity which will never grow old till date. It’s a war like ebooks and hard copy books, the feel and sense of both of them are different. And a calendar which has an after use or is an organiser definitely helps.

Stationery Sets

A must have all in one stationery set. Depending upon your preference one should really invest in stationery sets which have all office necessary things like staplers, paper clips, note pads, paper clips, pen etc. Gone are the days of boring looking accessories, like clothes and bags is time to become chic in carrying a item which reflects your personality more and given good impression in meetings.


The time has come to look sharp, crisp and ever ready to take challenges. By doing so one needs to get more organized and look organized which can be accomplished in using the right office tools. More than anything it gives you confidence when you know you look sharp and carry sharp and crisp accessories. This article will guide to have all things necessary to do the same.

Desk Styling – Simple look with Modern Stationery & Desk Essentials

In this blog we are going to achieve a simple & sophisticated look with best combination of accessories we have found. The whole idea is to get a neutral and timeless look.

Let’s start with color pallet.

The neutral grey tones, marble prints & simple touch of wood as base.

You can have an idea from this image now of layout and overall look and feel of your place. This space is keeping in mind of a person who likes things simple yet stylish at the same time.

Left side:

  1. Wall clocks are always timeless, adding an old place charm to the place, in this case we have modernized it with marble print wall clock.
  2.  Greens are a must for every work space, for freshness, for beauty, for oxygen. Not to forget the feeling one gets after watering them. Here again the planter is modernized and yet kept simple with marble print look.
  • The coffee addiction has caused a new addiction of buying mugs. Mug is something which can never be replaced in market, all these new and stylish designs make sure of it. A simple grey charcoal mug is a perfect accessory to the whole look here.
  • Hide some clutter in these grey charcoal inspired storage drawers.
  • All the work needs a daily notebook to make notes, plan next day and achieve the future dream. The sophisticated and timeless bougainvillea wiro notebook is apt for the same.


  1. The more the greens the merrier you be. No harm in adding one more indoor planter.
  2. Keep those books from falling in the simple grey metallic book holders. They just make the area look systematic.
  • Well no desk is complete without a writing notebook, adding timeless simple look, bougainvillea journal for the meetings.
  • No one can have too much stationery, its lovely to be synchronized with the surroundings and the notebooks. It all falls to the same family. Bougainvillea stationery kit with all things essential is a perfect add to this simple look.

Conclusion:  Styling a desk space with simple elements, colors and accessories. Creating a timeless forever look that makes one feels welcomed and motivated to work.

Small Space Desk Styling – For Entrepreneurs with Motivational Stationery & Desk Essentials

We know how stressful starting your work can be. With limited resources and time there is so much to achieve. So the space where a start-up is motivated and positive enough is should be a basic.

In this blog we are going to achieve a perfect positive vibe look with best combination of desk office accessories we found online, to setup a happy desk for happy you!

Let’s start with color pallet.

We are taking rustic look with lots of green shades in mind.

The inspiration is earthy warm colors which gives a sense of soothing, positive and calm vibe, which is best for the ever growing anxiety within.

You can have an idea from this image now of layout and overall look and feel. A few office essentials like planners, stationery, lamps, desk essentials, etc.


  1. The super smart jute & filament bulb for table lamp by Tata Cliq
  • Smart little irregular shaped wooden table planter by Objectry
  • Yes, bring everyday motivation with nature collection of notebooks/diary/stationery kits by Writenery. This collections rustic and wooden inspired look is apt for this color palette.
  • Morning sunshine in a mug with wooden handle & base to add that rustic look by HouseofThings.
  • Lastly to complete the look a very rustic yet modern table with all things essentials space by Urban Ladder.

All these things curated and grouped together create a very small, cosy and maximum utility place for everyday work struggles. The best part of them all the accessories are available online.


  1. Let’s start with the cute little push pins available online at Writenery stationery store. This online stationery store as everyday essential work accessories
  •  Some really cute lighted clips to put motivational quotes or pictures of achievements by POPXO.
  • Well and to put them all together a rustic planks printed bulletin board which is equally stylish and useful by Artzfolio.

So that’s how we design a small space with all things stylish, motivational and pocket-friendly for rising startup owner’s or creators.

Do let us know how did you like the look and which look!

Nude Table Styling with Designer Stationery

A chic minimal nude work table . This blog is about how we can create a nude look for everyday work table essentials, let’s see how can we create this monotone look.

Here we are just going to play with one color shades to give a very chic, basic & simple overall look.


  • Normal clutter for all stationery essential
  • A classic watch and little motivational green planter for happy vibes.

Left side:

  1. Cute little hanging planter with nude leather belt.
  2. The very cool & basic nude coffee/tea mug
  3. A new transparent chic look water glass, which ads gloss to the matte.
  4. Finally, a daily nude leatherite diary by Writenery to complete the basic essential look.

Right Side:

  1. A classy analog nude clock that serves both the look and utility purpose
  2. The all nude ceramic table planter to add that freshness
  3. Golden metallic pen by Writenery from there nude stationery kit collection to add little shimmer to the matte.
  4. Lastly Nude Notepad folder by Writenery for everyday meetings and notes.


                 We aim at creating some really stylish work spaces for you for work. Do try this at your work space and let us know how it has come up.

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