Best Desk Calendar 2020


Writenery aims at creating products which value more to customers than expected. This Desk calendar after using for 12 months of 2020 can be re-used as clipboard to clip drawings, pictures, doodles, to-do lists, grocery lists or any motivational quote.  With guarantee of years of substance because of the quality of materials used to make it, this marks is as one of the best Desk calendar 2020 in Online Stationery in India.

Best Desk Calendar Online

Sustainable Source

This Desk calendar is made out of sustainable resources. The paper used is made out of coffee husks, the wood used- Teak, has come from Teak plantation which is grown specifically for this purpose and the clip is stainless steel that doesn’t harm the environment in anyway. Also we aim at sending it in plastic free packaging which makes this product one of the finest sustainable stationery kits online in India.

stationery online in India

Compact Size

Its compact A5 size makes it fit easily on any table weather office tiny desk or small bedside table or phone trolley. It’s easier to carry and store as well and is equally lightweight. Unlike other desk calendars who are tiny in size and un-readable. We aim at providing the best of comfort to all our customers considering all their priorities and how can we full-fill them.

Because of the medium A5 size its better than the wall calendars as well, as you can mark or write down important notes, laundry clothes details or other important things. Hence, making this calendar most suitable than normal desk and wall comparatively.

Unique Design

Well let’s not ignore the unique and modern design it carries and reflects. Online stationery in India is changing according to today’s generation quirkier and modernized needs and the designs of this completely fits into that. It is something way unique than paper on small easels and those wiro self-standing ones.

Online stationery in India


Keeping in mind the Online stationery trends in India, this calendar serves more than just one purpose. Its compact, easy to carry, made from sustainable resources, have a very unique design and the best part is its multi-utility. Hence we think no other calendar deserves the announcement of Best Desk Calendar 2020 than the Writenery’s one. It comes in two variants- The Typewriter; which is simple font with boxes to writes notes and the second variant is – The Nature; which has very minimal leaf prints on it.

Both of them comes in eco-friendly packaging, available Pan-India and can be gifted and gift wrapped easily.

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