You presumably as of now acknowledge what kind of activities you or your loved ones like and what interests are additionally inside the domain of your abilities to spend a quality time. For instance, you may have an enormous financial plan for a costly interest, yet do not have the specialized mastery guidance to enjoy your free time. Having a few good hobbies that are within your reach, not only can make you feel good, but also gives you a chance to experience something that was out of your knowledge.  And as you start enjoying your free time with the interesting hobbies, you can also encourage others to do the same.

Tips for finding new side interests or hobbies:

  1. Sports, explicitly ones you may have not done before.

2. Cooking. Particularly on the off chance, that you have an admittance to somebody with a huge abundance of information on plans, that can tell you the best way to make dishes really.

3. Climb. It is allowed to do in numerous spots and can be both reflective just as empowering, relying upon your objectives.

4. Journaling : This is really an addictive hobby. You can get different type of journals online, that can increase your and your loved one’s knowledge.

5.Travelling: Going on outings for recreation is extraordinary in the event that you have the chance, regardless of whether you don’t have the opportunity to fly. A huge number of people can deal with an all-inclusive outdoors trip without breaking bank. If you love painting, you can even carry a canvas to capture the nature in it. Get the other belongings like stationery online in India, and get set go!

6. Discover how your loved ones are now spending their pass time and go along with them. Numerous side interests can be social.  The vast majority are eager about acquainting somebody with another pastime in the event that they think it will end up being their obsession.

There are in a real sense a huge number of side interests and activities you can do and encourage your family and friends to do. Discover what you like and what is available to you prior to choosing what interests you the most. Best of luck!

Win The Day, Starting Today!

We all have a habit of delaying or procrastinating our work specially our goals or dreams. Sometimes its money, sometimes it’s time shortage, there is always something or another reason that helps in lack of motivation. And specially after Covid-19 has hit the world, it has become equally difficult because of stress, pressure or in fact laziness. Let’s start looking at life with a fresh perspective and create a new vision, it’s never too late to achieve your dreams or create new ones. And achieving new dreams are totally incomplete without proper planning.

Need of a Planner?

No it’s not something for craft and arts or for people who have lot of time. A planner is meant to help you organize your work schedule and time management. It takes less than 5 minutes to plan your whole day ahead, apart from using it for daily work needs it can also be used for planning your goals or future plans.

Which Kind of planner one should buy?

The first thing is understanding your need, what is the main objective of yours? For example- organizing work, time managements, setting up goal, cute DIY’s , scheduling tasks etc. There are various designs and types of planners online which one can go through and buy. But you yourself has to be clear, don’t get carried away with the look and design- you should always see first the productivity part of planner. If you think you can’t give more than 10 minutes to scheduling don’t buy a planner which has 20 types of things to do for you because you will never be able to do that. In the starting stick to the basics-monthly calendar, daily scheduler and work your way through goal setter and other types gradually.

Who should buy planners?

A person who is willing to change or update their life for good should buy planners. It can a be any age group and any sex. But he or she should be motivated enough to grow, then only it can really help you.

Where can you get planners?

Online Stationery shops are the best way to get in touch with different varieties and styles of planners. Numerous designs availability with different cost price, not to forget the door delivery which makes it easier and safe.

So what are you waiting for? Go win the day, starting today!!

Unique Brands of Notebooks Stationery Online

Online stationery in India has seen a major boom past 1 or 2 years. There has been major shift in preferences of people from normal scenery notebooks to much better looking and quality products. And slowly and gradually there are brands who are doing a very commendable job in making more and more designer, stylish and quirky stationery notebooks for us. So this article is all about the uniqueness few brands are offering in terms of designs, material, price points, quality and looks.


Online stationery in India

Been 1-year-old only Writenery’s vision and aim to change the Indian stationery kits industry is gradually taking shape by its products. The notebooks made and designed to suit the needs of both the genders, making office stationery really fashionable and easily affordable at the same time. The different textures of the notebooks with high quality pages, use of different accessories than usual and earthy and matte tones is what one can except from this brand.

Chapter & Ink

buy notebooks online

A shop full of thoughtfully selected stationery & tools for your life’s work. We can’t get enough if this brand’s gloss and chic notebooks. Very classy & dreamy notebooks with good quality, meant for all age groups and gender.  Also they are official marvel partners in notebooks.


best stationery notebooks

Love those handmade notebooks, try Iktori’s versatile collection of handmade books. With quirky to ikkat prints they have it all. Great of personal use for age group above 20 and both gender. Price range is pocket friendly and easily affordable.

Nappa Dori

Nappa Dori Notebooks Online

Leather can never get old, always a classic and this what Nappa Dori’s notebooks offer. Evergreen stylish leather notebooks for office or daily use. Great travel diaries as well. Again good quality age group above 24 and suitable for both gender. Price point- little higher side.

These 4 brands we feel are perfect for all the thirst a stationery addict would have and would want to know for different kinds of forte. From matte to gloss, leather to handmade this article covers the liking of all and would create new liking in some. We at Writenery believe in educating and reminding the customers and people in general what importance stationery holds in our life, it’s a tool that helps us shape and grow our lives and reach to our goals.

Why Stationery is the best Rakhi Gift Idea for Sister?

You must be wondering stationery? Really? Yes, to all the questions and queries coming to your mind right now. Stationery is a very underrated tool specially in these difficult times. This tool is more than what meet the eyes, it’s not a product like cloth or jewelry only for looks, it’s a habit when used properly can actually produce good results in life, make one’s life productive.

Here are some points as to why it can be the best rakhi gift for sisters.


rakhi gift for sisters

Aren’t you bored of chocolates, flowers, clothes, footwear or jewelry? Don’t you want to surprise her with something unique which she never expected. This falls directly into that category, with various designs and color options to choose from one can never go wrong in getting stationery gifts for her. With so many options available to choose from stationery online in India, just a click away.

Good for Mental Health

stationery gifts for her

We all know how mentally we are frustrated because of the major life changes we have to adapt because of Covid-19, this has impacted us all in a very strong way. No one even the strong minded ones were ever prepared for this sort of pandemic hence mental health has become a topic of greater concern now. Well stationery since long, specially journals are being used to actually cater this. Venting out to the paper is one of the best habits you can gift your sister to start, it’s not an era where she expects your protection in terms of physically but it’s time to protect her emotions and feelings as well.


stationery online in India

It brings sort of balance in your life, our planners – daily or monthly are a great way to organize her personal and professional life. You all know which women being a caretaker and ambitious have to take care of both equally and successfully. So helping a little by giving them a tool which makes their life easy is another reason why stationery is a perfect tool to gift for Rakhi to your sisters.


stationery gifts for him

Lastly it is highly useful. Nothing that they will put it in cupboard because it’s too expensive and wear it only once because they don’t want to repeat it. This is something they would love to use the minute their hands will fall upon it. A daily useful product – which is pretty as well. No more neon colors or scenic beauty diaries when they can have something equally chic at same price.

Creating a healthy morning Schedule

During these tough times of pandemic there is a major change in lifestyle, the patterns and habits has been shifted majorly. By not able to go out much, we have become lazy, lethargic, depressed and eventually sad. Sometimes it’s easy to cope but some days just become unbearable. Here is an easy habit in the morning to do every day which can help you create a healthy and balanced life.

Online stationery store

Along with your bedside tea or coffee start your everyday with a daily positive phrase. Put it on your fridge or a notice board or even a journal or diary so that you can keep reminding yourself while reading that. Since reading it again and again will help you practice that thought or phrase in your life. You can get to-do lists or pins easily from any Online stationery store.

Online stationery shop

Making a gratitude list, it takes less than 2 minutes to write what all you are grateful for today. It helps you realize what all you have in life, things that actually matter than what all we crib about unnecessarily. The art is to keep reminding ourselves daily the positivity instead of getting lost in the negativity which creeps upon any time or any-minute of the day.

Buy Diaries 2020-2021 Online

Then the most important of all comes – journaling. Just taking out time to write about your days, what all plans you have for the day, what do you want to accomplish today- professionally or personally. Specially how are you feeling early morning, did you get up irritated or sad and why is that? What can you do to overcome this feeling? Thinking about past? Write about the trips you did, how did you feel or now after this is all over where do you want to travel next. Give 10-15 minutes of your time daily to your own journal. It is you who can take care of yourself than anybody else, your happiness lies within you, no one can give you what you need or expect.

Buy Diaries Online

Hence this 2020-2021 we recommend you to buy diaries online or offline and get into the habit of journaling and self-caring. It high time to leave such a big responsibility on your loved ones. Only you yourself can make you happy nobody else.

Unique Stationery Gifts for the Artist in Him

We all know how freak the artists are for their tools and accessories. We as outsiders can never guess the right gift, sometimes the tool is wrong, sometimes its size or color. For all those picky and creative people in your life especially men, we have curated a perfect set that would suit all artist and would be utilized for sure. We are talking about our Gypso collection which can be easily bought from our website which is made to buy stationery online. Let us share with you why it’s a good match for them?


buy stationery online

The color of the diary is gender neutral and is in season color –which is concrete gray. We all know how fussy these creative people are specially regarding to color, so you really can’t go wrong with the concrete grey that has been a super hit. Also the Matt-finishing of the diary makes it more stylish and unique from the rest out there.


buy notebook online

Paint, sketch, scribble or draw we know the quality they require and hence the gsm of this paper is 120- which you get in sketch books and high quality drawing books. So there we said it, you really can’t go wrong because of the supreme quality of paper which these creative people really look forward to in purchasing any accessory or notebook online.


buy personalized notebook online

Don’t’ worry this is not a Germany brand that would put a hole in your pocket, the cost if the diary in comparison to the quality and design is really pocket friendly. Also it can be customized with their name printed on the cover with no additional cost. Isn’t it great to own a personalized diary to let all the creativity out?

Stationery kit

best stationery gift for him

Thinking you just can’t gift a single diary? Well we have got you covered here as well with a specially curated & color-coordinated stationery set box. This box contains the diary which can be personalized, grey paper clips to hold their paper backs and white pushpins to pin their work easily on the board. Not just that the high quality wooden box with sheer top can be used as storage later for their knick-knacks stationery items. Isn’t this collection the best stationery gift for him? Don’t wait, order it online and can choose our vintage packaging with wax seal for making it more personalized and special. Available PAN INDIA.

5 simple daily practices to keep your mind healthy!

This year has taken a toll on lot of us. Whether it’s the Covid virus or black lives or animal’s brutality, wherever you see there is frustration, anger and negativity building inside us every day gradually and slowly, which we don’t realize and take it out on our loved ones or go to our safe place away alone or sleep and lazy around. This is not the way to treat the problems going on inside our head! We have to accept that these are difficult times and we have to keep working on our mental health too. Here are some points which we hope make you improve it.

Break from Social Media

online stationery shop

Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp what started as a source of entertainment now has become a big boon of opinions, assumptions, false news and insecurities. Limit your intake of all these apps, they do not provide any productivity in your daily life. We are not saying ban it but filter out the content you watch for your brain.


online journals

Its been long practiced and has been advised by many professionals, start writing your feelings, emotions, gratitude’s and problems you are dealing with or just keep it simple and mention how your day went. Writing about all this gives a different perspective to your life and really helps in venting out. Get a journal or a spiral notebook, whatever suits you and you are comfortable in.

Practice Positivism

writenery online stationery

Yes, as other things in life you should practice to stay positive. The more you practice, the more you put your brain on healthy thoughts and feelings the more you turn this into a habit and eventually end up being a positive person. It’s just like any other art or hobby or game, the harder you practice the better you get at it. One easy way to start is getting up with a positive quote in mind or post a daily quote of positivity on your fridge or work desk which you can easily get in Stationery kits online these days, keep on looking it throughout the day and remind yourself again and again to come back to positive thoughts.


writenery stationery

Yes, it’s not a rocket science to understand that mental health is related to your physical health as well.  Just take out 10-15 minutes of your daily schedule and invest in meditating or any exercise of your liking whether cycling, walking, cardio or routines. Move your leg around and see the changes both physically and mentally.


buy online stationery

Do not isolate yourself from the world just because you can’t go out and meet and party with your friends or colleagues anymore. In fact, it’s the right time to start talking, making connections and re-bonding with your old relations. Talking to people generally help, share your feelings ask them how they are feeling, socializing helps in a big way to keep your sanctity intact. Even if you are having a good day go and call or text your loved ones, you never know they might need you this time.

Incorporating Stationery in Daily Life!

You must be thinking why? Well stationery is a powerful tool that is not only restricted to office anymore. Even at home or travel carrying stationery should be the new habit and to be honest it is reaching there eventually but gradually. Because of this reason only we have opened our online stationery store in India, reviving the definition of stationery one day at a time.

Morning with Coffee

online stationery store

You need a journal/diary after getting up with your daily morning routine with coffee. It’s the most important time of the day for your mental state, getting up with positive vibes and positive thoughts is a must to make out the most of the day. Hence start by a morning positive quote to remind your mind during the whole day and a gratitude list of all the things you are happy you have for today.

Work Space

office stationery items

It’s not a rocket science but yes of course no work is complete without complete office stationery items. While working we all need tools to organize the work space and mode to the fullest to get the maximum productivity. Hence we use planners, to-do lists, clips and powerful tools like pen to bring ideas into life.

Scheduling Day

online stationery shop

For non- office people or homemakers this is also an essential for scheduling your days, taking care of yourself is utmost important and this tool helps you with that very simply. Plan out your workouts, your meals, your chores very easily with stationery built for you and your personality. Don’t forget to take out time for yourself – no one can take better care of you than yourself.

Before Bed Time

office stationery kit

This is the most important time of day when a stationery plays a part in your life. Writing down the day, the feelings, the ups and downs on the piece of paper, venting it all out – making your mind connect to your soul and feelings more. Getting your mind know what the heart wants and vice versa.

This is how much importance stationery plays into our life, from organizing to scheduling, venting out to positivity. We can do so much by just a piece of paper, pen and some accessories. That is why we say it’s more than a product it’s a tool meant to shape our life by us.

Gift your Loved Ones a Hobby!

In times like these when already we are struggling with mental health and lethargy, some with sitting hours and working from home and losing their peace and happiness because of loss of socializing and sharing your work stress with colleagues and others with too much pressure of work home because of everyone being at home all the time. It’s time for indulging in hobbies that not only engage you but make you feel satisfied, provide peace and in totality happiness.

stationery gifts

Your loved ones need you and you need self-care more than ever. You don’t have to wait for special occasions like their birthdays or anniversaries or any day to get them start their self-care. The time is right now to make them and yourself realize the importance of self-care. We or our loved ones might not feel the difference the lockdown has bought in our lives but we do need to prioritize our time effectively.

On such way to do that is indulge ourselves in productive hobbies. And yes you might not realize but stationery is a one such tool that can bring a lot of changes in one’s life. Let’s talk about journaling and creating a free and private space on paper where one can easily share their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Then with available notebooks stationery online, one can create a gratitude lists daily to keep ourselves positive with what we already have in life and are blessed with. Not to forget the ideas, work lists, basically bringing your thoughts into reality. The stationery kits specially designed to organize your work and private life. Making you more systematic and productive.

Daily & monthly planners to create a schedule. Since following a schedule is a must in times where there is uncertainty to keep your life balanced, focused and on track.

notebooks stationery online

With all these positive aspects of stationery, imagine how much can one make their life productive and turn it the other way round. In times like these there is immense need of going offline, reduce social media and news intake and aspire ourselves and our loved ones to create and inspire. There are so many option of online stationery in India which you can get according to your taste, colors, quotes and features.

What are you waiting for? Start already!!

How to Organize your life in uncertain times?

We all are going through really uncertain times, some days are easy and some are difficult to even bear. We don’t know what’s certain and what no these days. So much confusion, so much negativity, sometimes its gets too difficult to remain positive and focus. In amidst of all this it’s important to stay active- physically and mentally and the first and basic step to do so is being organized. Without a daily schedule in hands we can never overcome our struggles and make this journey a positive one.

Therefore, here are some tips and guidelines to organize your life.


online stationery store

Since you are already keen on reading this article we believe that you have already passed the first step i.e., Acceptance. Until you feel from within that there is a problem with your lifestyle or work life or your whole life in general nothing and no one can help you improvise it.

Jotting Problems Down

stationery online in India

Figure out what changes you want to bring in your life. Physically and mentally both. What is it that is bothering you in a day or frustrates you every now and then. We recommend to get notebooks or journals from stationery online in India or from local store and start writing the problems you are facing in life, the things the people the lifestyle whatever affects you, it can be as small as food to as big as your job.


office stationery items

Take it slow, sit down have a cup of tea or coffee and reflect on what you have written. See if the problems are real are just temporary because of mood changes. Take time to read them again and reflect for few days, if they still feel the same after few days that means you are genuine problems and be happy that you have at least figured out the things bothering you in your life.

Get the right tools

stationery kits online

Once you have accepted, jotted and reflected on all the points; get yourself right tools to make your life more organized. Get some tools for the same, a planner for example is the best friend you can have while getting your life organized whether for work or for home chores. In today’s time you will get so many options and varieties for planners, whether alone or get in combos of stationery kits online one can buy depending upon their type, liking, personality and so much more. We recommend a daily and monthly planner which is simple and easy and doesn’t seem like a heavy chore to do. Just get up in the morning, go through your morning ritual and plan your day with important tasks to do, things you can procrastinate, people you have to call, meals, exercises and almost everything.

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