Journaling for Beginners

This blog is for people who want to start journaling, but are lost or confused or are afraid for how to start one? For starters, just remember there is nothing like being terrible at journaling, it’s a mindful practice to reduce anxiety or stress or is just a good habit to have.

Start small

journal notebook online

You don’t have to become writers or poets. Look for a journal notebook online from an online stationery store or go and buy from a local stationery shop. Start with your days, basic how did they go, what did you feel, anything that happened exciting or anything that hurt you. The key is to just write, take it all out on the piece of paper.

Carry it everywhere

online stationery store

It always a good idea to buy travel journals which are compact and easy to carry. Yes, carry them everywhere, you might want to pen down those thoughts whenever you fee low or top of the world. You can easily get lot of good, quirky or modern journal notebooks online these days. You don’t have to write daily.

You don’t have to write daily

It’s not mandatory to write it down every day, its recommended but not necessary. Write when you feel but don’t stop writing out of discomfort or just because you are lazy. Journaling is all about self-care, which only you can take care of. It seems very easy but we come to sit and pick up the pen, it becomes really difficult. Putting thoughts or feelings onto paper is not easy, difficult than sharing with friends or family. Because here you are honest to yourself and that can be really scary to understand yourself, write it and then reflect upon it. So do when you are really build up inside or feel helpless.

It doesn’t have to be literal

buy journals notebooks

Journaling don’t have to be literal every time, one can convey emotions through drawing or doodling as well. You can create bullet journals also, create schedules or note down bucket lists. The point is to take it all out from your mind, that emotion, that feeling that anxiety, it can be done n any which way.


Journaling can be very difficult at the beginning, its more difficult than sharing emotions with friends or family, since you are sharing your thoughts with yourself, your honest emotions. Putting thoughts into words can be intimidating in the start, hence this blog is a brief understanding of how you can do. The key is to just start by buying journals notebooks from online stationery stores or from local stationery shops. Just Write.

Best Desk Calendar 2020


Writenery aims at creating products which value more to customers than expected. This Desk calendar after using for 12 months of 2020 can be re-used as clipboard to clip drawings, pictures, doodles, to-do lists, grocery lists or any motivational quote.  With guarantee of years of substance because of the quality of materials used to make it, this marks is as one of the best Desk calendar 2020 in Online Stationery in India.

Best Desk Calendar Online

Sustainable Source

This Desk calendar is made out of sustainable resources. The paper used is made out of coffee husks, the wood used- Teak, has come from Teak plantation which is grown specifically for this purpose and the clip is stainless steel that doesn’t harm the environment in anyway. Also we aim at sending it in plastic free packaging which makes this product one of the finest sustainable stationery kits online in India.

stationery online in India

Compact Size

Its compact A5 size makes it fit easily on any table weather office tiny desk or small bedside table or phone trolley. It’s easier to carry and store as well and is equally lightweight. Unlike other desk calendars who are tiny in size and un-readable. We aim at providing the best of comfort to all our customers considering all their priorities and how can we full-fill them.

Because of the medium A5 size its better than the wall calendars as well, as you can mark or write down important notes, laundry clothes details or other important things. Hence, making this calendar most suitable than normal desk and wall comparatively.

Unique Design

Well let’s not ignore the unique and modern design it carries and reflects. Online stationery in India is changing according to today’s generation quirkier and modernized needs and the designs of this completely fits into that. It is something way unique than paper on small easels and those wiro self-standing ones.

Online stationery in India


Keeping in mind the Online stationery trends in India, this calendar serves more than just one purpose. Its compact, easy to carry, made from sustainable resources, have a very unique design and the best part is its multi-utility. Hence we think no other calendar deserves the announcement of Best Desk Calendar 2020 than the Writenery’s one. It comes in two variants- The Typewriter; which is simple font with boxes to writes notes and the second variant is – The Nature; which has very minimal leaf prints on it.

Both of them comes in eco-friendly packaging, available Pan-India and can be gifted and gift wrapped easily.

Spring Collection of Stationery Kits Online

Peony Stationery Kit

Peony Stationery Kit

Peonies rarely bloom the first year after planting. It often takes three years before you see an abundant display of flowers. But once the plants do start blooming, you can look forward to a lifetime of beautiful flowers. These most dearly loved flowers inspired us to create a pastel grey, pink and white stationery kit with combination of white pushpins, white paper binders, silver metallic pen, Thank you cards and daily planner lists.

Complementing this kit we have peony wiro notebook or peony daily diary which can be bought along with this. We aim at creating combos of stationery kits and diary on our online stationery store.

Bougainvillea Stationery Kit

Bougainvillea Stationery Kit

The best buy for spring is Bougainvillea Stationery kit, bold pink color hues make it apt for the season. Comes with 5 combination of things like silver paper clips, white paper binders, silver metallic pen, Thank you cards and daily to-do lists. The Writenery online stationery  store offers complementing daily wiro notebooks with or without elastic with it as well.

Gypso Diary Stationery Kit

Gypso Diary Stationery Kit

Writenery- an online stationery store is kept in mind catering to all the needs of individuals, especially the taste in design or paper. This Gypso A5 Diary Stationery kit consists of plain pages’ diary for those who want to write or draw beyond the lines, complementing grey and rose gold paper clips and white pushpins.

online stationery store

This kit comes in another variant – Gypso Daily planner with complementing floral print paper binders and same white pushpins. The Daily planner has features like butter paper and printed daily pages which headings like notes, to-do, lists, important tasks etc.

Journals – Your Best Friends!

You must be wondering how, that is the exact question we are going to answer in this blog. Since birth to old age, journals are a blessing in disguise. Let’s discuss how?

As a kid:

It’s been said that the child mind’s is its peak developing stage between 1-5 years. These are the years a kid is given a piece of crayon or pencil and let it play with its imagination. Most of your old boxes might still even have the first letter, the first drawing saved till now. Hence the practice of scribbling or drawing in journals starts from beginning unconsciously. There are lots of journals online available for kids specially the new re-writable ones.

journals online


The most complicated age, and the most confused one as well. Struggling the battles within, this age brings all the issues as life threatening matters. Specially the pressures of studying with complicated relationships with friends. This is the age when one keeps to herself or himself, doesn’t really open to family or even friends sometimes. Hence a personal journal is the best way for them to express their emotions, through writing the thoughts becomes clearer, the questions reaches to answer and the secrets remain hidden. These last 5 years there has been such a boom in online stationery in India that finding a journal online, suitable to one’s personality or liking has become very easy.

online stationery in India


This is where the real struggle starts and we come out of our bubble. The hardship of life seeps in and often come times of stress and vulnerability. For those low hours it is highly advised to write. Writing not only helps clear your mind but gives a different perspective to your thoughts when actually read on paper than being on mind. Searching online stationery India will help us get a variety of available journals online for adult people. The motivational ones are really up for demand as everyone needs a dosage of positivity in their life.

online stationery India

Old Age:

It is said that, the more you grow old the more you start living in your past than looking forward. It is such a blessing if you would have had all these personal journals written from childhood to the present. It can be your companion in those sleepless nights, ill nights or hopeless hours. The best part you can forward it to the younger generation for them to read your legacy and hardships.

buy journals online


With all these reasons, we are pretty sure that we must have made you realized that Journals are indeed human’s best friends from childhood to adulthood. Why wait then, just go online to the vast growing online stationery in India and buy yourself a journal online.

Harry Potter & The Kit of Stationery

There is so much stationery available online in India now, quirky, simple, modern, classic or magical. In this article we are discussing our favorite Harry potter characters’ personality traits and their stationery types. So if you are a die-hard harry potter fan and love one or two of its characters, this article will definitely help you to find out your stationery kit types.

Harry Potter Stationery Kit

Harry Potter

The Boy Who Lived. The Chosen One. When looking at Harry’s personality type, a new title emerged for him; “Craftsman”, they’re determined individuals with a core belief system that they unwaveringly follow. For these personality traits our Mapple planner stationery kit online is a buy. The daily and monthly planner that helps to follow the rules, meetings, schedule thoroughly.

Ps: It comes with a hook for muggle wand pencil as well.

Harry Potter Mapple Planner

Ron Weasley 

Ron is quick to speak his mind and tell you what he thinks of a plan, and despite being quick to rush into things is able to adapt to a situation when he needs to. These are people who bring out the best qualities in others. For such traits of positivity, our believe nature A5 daily planner kit is perfect. It clearly will reflect the personality of traits of similar to Ron, never giving up and believing themselves.

Ps: Stationery kits are available online on our website just click add to cart and they will magically appear at your doorsteps.

Planner Diary Kit

Hermione Granger

Hermione is logical, extremely intelligent, and quick to come up with her own theories and ideas. Known as “The Thinker” Hermione is usually individualistic and dislike social interaction. Gypso A5 plain pages Diary Stationery kit is appropriate for people who “think” than speak a lot, they have a lot to scribble, write or draw down.

Ps: Pen down those never ending thoughts on the stationery kits available online.

buy stationery kit online

Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore is certainly a contradictory figure. He can be quiet and contemplative or he can command a room’s attention with a single word. He is both popular and sensitive at the same time. Strong personality people reflect boldness, newness and modernness. For such our Nude A5 diary stationery kit is apt. Carries one Nude color diary with golden accessories. A style statement of its own just like our Dumbledore.


With so many options available for stationery online in India, we try and create articles that helps you find your stationery types, and one such article is this based on your favourite harry potter character.

Horoscopes and their Stationery Kits


Aries strengths include being courageous and passionate. Their weaknesses include being impatient and aggressive. They possess a youthful energy regardless what age they are. They display a passion for life itself unmatched by other signs. For them Peony stationery A5 Diary kit is apt, which contains an A5 diary, planner lists and white pushpins. This kit indicates a youthful flower rose on the cover which identifies to the personality of people with Aries sun sign.

Peony stationery A5 Diary kit


Leo’s strengths include being creative and warm-hearted. Their weaknesses include being arrogant and self-centered. For their self-centredness its best for them to have our Gypso Daily Planner Kit which contains a Gypso daily planner, floral print paper clips and white pushpins.

This stationery kit will help them plan their everyday schedule, note things about their health, their work or notes, their lists etc.

stationery kit


Sagittarius’s strengths include being idealistic and a great sense of humor. Their weaknesses include being unfiltered and very impatient. Freedom is most revered by people born under this sign because then they can travel and explore the world and other cultures. A travel journal stationery kit i.e, Nude A5 journal stationery kit is apt for them, travelling with experiences noted down.

Nude A5 journal stationery kit


Taurus’s strengths include being reliable and devoted. Their weakness includes being stubborn and possessive. These people want simple things in life, simple pleasures for them to rely on hence classic stationery kit would be perfect for them. Simple black and white stationery accessories, which can be used at any place by any age.

stationery accessories


Virgo strengths include being loyal and hardworking. Their weaknesses include worrying and critical of self and others. These people should have Mapple planner stationery kit, which contains a Monthly and daily planner, dull gold pushpins and dull gold paper clips. Since their character is of hardworking people, this stationery kit will help them organize their work more efficiently and thus help them being more productive in work.

Mapple planner stationery kit


Capricorn’s strengths include being responsible, disciplined and having self-control. Their weaknesses include being a know-it-all and being unforgiving. They should have Nude stationery kit of 5 items mainly because it has gratitude cards and being unforgivable in nature they should practice more giving or gratitude in their lives which can be done through this stationery kit.

stationery kit online


Gemini’s strengths include being affectionate and curious. Their weaknesses include being nervous, inconsistent and indecisive. For them Nature Believe A5 or Nature Believe Wiro stationery kit is recommended, which contains a motivational diary or notebook, Notes lists and paper clips. This stationery kit will motivate them on daily basis thus helping them cope with indecisiveness, nervousness etc.

Wiro stationery kit


Libra’s strengths include being cooperative and fair-minded. Their weaknesses include indecisiveness and avoiding confrontation. As Libra is an Air sign, this gives Libra’s in a constant search for knowledge. For them Bougainvillea kit of Daily notebook with 2 sections is a must. Trying to attain more knowledge needs extra pair of notebooks which in this case is not needed as the notebook itself has sections to differentiate between different topics.

Bougainvillea kit


Aquarius’s strengths include being progressive, original and independent. Their weaknesses include running from emotional expression. Being progressive in nature, they like to be in touch to day to day new trends hence Nude Diary stationery kit which contains gold stationery items with new in trend Nude color leatherette diary.

gold stationery items


Scorpio’s strengths are being brave and resourceful. Their weaknesses are being jealous and secretive. Being brave comes from being confident in own skin, and confident people like to pull of bright colours, hence bougainvillea wiro or diary stationery kit which contains bold pink and white notebook, silver paper clips and bold to-do lists is perfect stationery item to suit them.

perfect stationery item


Cancer’s strengths include highly imaginative, loyal and sympathetic. Their weaknesses include being moody and manipulative. Gypso plain diary A5 stationery kit will be apt for them, it includes a A5 plain diary, grey paper clips and white pushpins. Being imaginative in nature this stationery kit will help them scribble, draw or sketch those thoughts.

A5 stationery kit


Pisces strengths include being compassionate and intuitive. Their weaknesses include a desire to escape reality and self-pity. Pisces are very friendly and usually find themselves in the company of different types of people. Pisces are willing to help others and love to give back. They are intuitive, caring and faithful. They should have nature stationery kit because they are also just like nature, giving back to life, hence they will connect deeply with nature inspired stationer stationery kit

buy stationery kit

Wiro Notebooks Trends started by Writenery Online India

Wiro with Elastic Notebooks:

Usually we get wiro notebooks and elastic notebooks separate, but we have combined the utility of both these into one and created a notebook with the two. A handy travel companion, the notebook’s hard cover protects the pages inside and wiro doubles as a convenient writing surface, making it easy to write in the notebook from just about anywhere. An attached elastic band stretches around the Writenery notebook, from top to bottom, keeping the notebook securely closed when not in use or during transport in a backpack or bag. The elastic closure slides off and out of the way when it’s time to use the notebook.

buy notebooks online

Metallic Spirals:

Oh yes, adding a little drama to the whole look of notebooks is metallic spirals. Silver, gold, dull gold or rose gold spiral or wiro notebooks have a charm and look of chic and fancy notebook than a normal boring one. Not to forget the sturdiness also, its way more durable than the plastic ones. Get your hands on all these metallic wiro notebooks and make your stationery collection super fancy and stylish.

buy wiro notebooks online

Sections Notebook:

Creating sections within notebooks is such an easier way to bifurcate your work. It’s for those people who have different subjects or work categories. Why carry 3 notebooks separately in our online stationery kits when in one you can easily distinguish the notes by the sections provided and write conveniently in the notebook.

online notebook

Printed page inside the notebook than outside:

Adding a little oomph to the notebook, the inside pages have more textures or prints than the outside one. It adds a little bit of extra design element to the notebook, making it look more chic and unique than other available notebooks. Apart from just adding prints, we have also incorporated textured paper so when you feel it, it gives a touch of wood since the Nature notebook is inspired by greens and woods. Similarly, the bougainvillea notebook will give abrasive feel of the pattern on it and peony notebook will give smooth flowery finish feel. All the notebook’s paper textures have been made keeping in mind of their designs and essence. Which is rarely available in any other brand of notebooks.

bougainvillea notebook online


Writenery doesn’t only offer the products but offers a story, a background, a essence of notebook. The color, texture, pattern, pages all comes from a lot of brain storming and visualizing in advance. There is a story behind every design and hence its executed. All these factors tend to make it a brand which is setting goals and becoming a trend setter in the stationery store online in India.

Trending Stationery Online India

Online stationery in India has grown over these last 5 Years, from small push pins to big stationery kits. All is available a click away, from patterns to unicorn, name it the stationery is available. But in this blog we are going to share 4 trending available stationery online in India.

Clip Boards

clip boards online

This wooden clipboard stands have made it first in our list because of its multi-purpose nature. Perfectly described as the Mood- Board stand, anything can be clipped here from quotes to drawings, sketches to to-do lists. Can be super useful in office desks or home desks, this compact A5 clipboard stand is a must buy office stationery available online India.

To-do Lists

notepads online

Yes in this so much to do world now, we need a daily checklists or note pads. The plain ones have been coming since 80’s but now is the time for little quirky and printed ones. Easy to tear and carry. Just write down the points and throw them the next day or pin it on your board. From ration lists to meetings schedule – best utility stationery item for house and work both. Get hands on them as a part of stationery kits, which is even more useful.

Gratitude Cards

personalized office gifts

Yes, gratitude cards we call them. Gifting someone or sending maybe flowers, get your own gratitude cards to convey the message. A very simple but very effective way for personalized gifting. In the end it’s always the little extra touch that changes the whole ball game.

Best buy it with stationery kits to get a combo of all things essentials.

Washi Tapes

stationery online

Now these colorful patterns or glitter tapes who wouldn’t want to use?  They are big on eyes for everyone in India these days, easy to remove and tear. Actually better than normal cello ones. Quirky and pretty as well when packing gifts or hampers.

A must have product in stationery for 2020.

Planners According to Your Work Personality

The Energizer 

Highly engaged and always ready to participate in team activities.  These workers are always coming up with new ideas and extracurricular activities to partake in; unfortunately, their enthusiasm can often distract them from their main job objectives and responsibilities. 

Hence planners that help them focus on the main objectives of the day and then let them do their other socializing part later will be a good option for them. Planners that have main focus on things to do for today & for tomorrow. Important dates & important notes should be a must.

In short a daily planner are the most important stationery kit online with all things important to be noted is suggested

daily planner online

The Analyst

Analysts work best in positions that deal with data and metrics. In order for analysts to succeed, they need to be put in positions that are data-driven. 

So the best planners online would be for them that has inbuilt calculator that they can calculate and create their data and analyze. Yes, planners with graph pages would also add be super beneficial, where one can just print or mark the graphs weekly or monthly.

best planners online

The Bum

Bums are the workers who initially started out as an achiever but somehow fell into a slump. They have the skills and ability to get the job done well, they just do the work necessary to get by without punishment.

For them the best kind of planners would be that motivate and inspire them daily. Planners that have some fun element also to them like stickers so that its equally engaging to them to do stuff and they look forward to actually achieving their daily tasks. Little bit of motivational words can actually increase one’s creativity.

best planners in delhi

The Achiever 

The achiever is someone who strives for excellence in everything that they do. They’re likely organized, reliable, and consistent in their work performance. Well since they take their work very seriously a daily planner which has their whole routine set is a must. Since there are times they tend to be so occupied that forget to eat and drink and vice versa. So a daily and monthly planner that covers their work as well as important personnel life is apt.

daily and monthly planner

Why Journals are important?

Clear your thoughts

Yes, human mind is complicated, with so many thoughts flooding in every second it makes really difficult to make or choose right decisions or paths. We think something in our mind constantly, stress or worry about it every second but when we pen down those thoughts it becomes clearer to us. Writing down thought or problems is the best way to solve them as first we accept or acknowledge the problems.

Every day journaling not only clear your thoughts but gives an insight of your brain where you can reflect upon. And get a good, stylish journal rather a boring one so you get excited at least to right in it. There are many journals available online these days.

journals available online

Makes you more organized

Believe it or not writing things did today and what you plan on doing tomorrow is the key of being productive. There is no feeling like checking or slashing all those tasks. Keeping track of your work, planning future tasks a day prior and planning monthly schedule is all a part of increasing productivity.

There are specialized journals for that these days available online. Daily planner or weekly or monthly, one can buy them according to his or her need.

Enhances Creativity

Scribble away they say at the age of 1-5 for children to grow or enhance their mind. The same goes for adults. Specially artists, the more and more you open up yourself to express your thoughts through drawing, the more and more you grow as an artist. Art doesn’t have to be on perfect canvas with perfect materials every time. Inspiration can come any time anywhere.

There are a wide variety of plain page journals online, pick up your pen or pencil and draw away.

Helps in Self- Improvement

So many times in our life we tend to express our emotions wrongly or inappropriate. Repeat same mistake again and again and realize it later. Say hurtful things to the people we love. And always wonder why?  The best way to get to know why is write about the things you have said or done. Until we see the scenario as a third party we don’t understand what went wrong. Journaling helps us achieve that, reflect on our doings and in future thus we remember what makes us trigger.

Daily journaling for self-improvement is suggest by almost all the therapists as well. And since we are so open and grown about mental illness these days there are many journals again available with the best stationery shop online in India for the same.

Improves language

Needless to say, writing about stuff, about feelings or work make your mind thinks about words to express. While speaking many a times we flounder to get the right words and usually say what comes to mind at first but while writing the ball game is different. You think, you can think as long as you want to express what’s in mind. Many a times we feel the need to google and get synonyms for the words, this indirectly helps us improve our language.

best journals online


Journaling is a way of connecting to oneself. Getting to know our personality better, enhancing our skills, making us think about our decisions, questing our morals, and so much more. We can consider it as self-therapeutic. Journal is your best friend as it reminds of you yourself in this world. 

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