5 simple daily practices to keep your mind healthy!

This year has taken a toll on lot of us. Whether it’s the Covid virus or black lives or animal’s brutality, wherever you see there is frustration, anger and negativity building inside us every day gradually and slowly, which we don’t realize and take it out on our loved ones or go to our safe place away alone or sleep and lazy around. This is not the way to treat the problems going on inside our head! We have to accept that these are difficult times and we have to keep working on our mental health too. Here are some points which we hope make you improve it.

Break from Social Media

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Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp what started as a source of entertainment now has become a big boon of opinions, assumptions, false news and insecurities. Limit your intake of all these apps, they do not provide any productivity in your daily life. We are not saying ban it but filter out the content you watch for your brain.


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Its been long practiced and has been advised by many professionals, start writing your feelings, emotions, gratitude’s and problems you are dealing with or just keep it simple and mention how your day went. Writing about all this gives a different perspective to your life and really helps in venting out. Get a journal or a spiral notebook, whatever suits you and you are comfortable in.

Practice Positivism

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Yes, as other things in life you should practice to stay positive. The more you practice, the more you put your brain on healthy thoughts and feelings the more you turn this into a habit and eventually end up being a positive person. It’s just like any other art or hobby or game, the harder you practice the better you get at it. One easy way to start is getting up with a positive quote in mind or post a daily quote of positivity on your fridge or work desk which you can easily get in Stationery kits online these days, keep on looking it throughout the day and remind yourself again and again to come back to positive thoughts.


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Yes, it’s not a rocket science to understand that mental health is related to your physical health as well.  Just take out 10-15 minutes of your daily schedule and invest in meditating or any exercise of your liking whether cycling, walking, cardio or routines. Move your leg around and see the changes both physically and mentally.


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Do not isolate yourself from the world just because you can’t go out and meet and party with your friends or colleagues anymore. In fact, it’s the right time to start talking, making connections and re-bonding with your old relations. Talking to people generally help, share your feelings ask them how they are feeling, socializing helps in a big way to keep your sanctity intact. Even if you are having a good day go and call or text your loved ones, you never know they might need you this time.

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